The Future: What Does 2009 Hold for Xbox 360?

So people turn their back on the two of greatest years in the gaming industry; 2007 and 2008 have yet to be matched in terms of quality in the history of the industry, but that's to be expected with growth right? Of course, but early signs for the year ahead aren't as strong as they were this time last year, so 2009 may not continue this trend. X30A says they aren't as strong, but some of the best new games in 2008 weren't announced till towards the end of Q1 at the earliest. Titles like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space were late to be announced and so, you can never tell what the future has in store for... they can only guess and speculate.

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DavidMacDougall3482d ago

Its like they ain't even trying. Sony had a slow start but there exclusive games just keep coming and with the blu-ray and the cell's power (not including multi platform games) there is lots of space to grow

360 man3482d ago

no wait sony fans let me guess


003482d ago

thats all I want, if it comes out in 2009.

GWAVE3482d ago

Microsoft's strategy of relying on 3rd parties is really hurting them. Yeah, they were able to acquire lots of exclusives and take some PS3 exclusives from the PS3 at the beginning, but now that's starting to change. 360 owners bragged when formerly-Sony-exclusive devs went multiplatform, but now they're seeing formerly-Microsoft-exclusive devs do the same thing. Microsoft is closing studios left and right whereas Sony keeps announcing more and more 1st-party titles.

That, and it's quite likely that a new Xbox will come out in 2010.