2008 console games that should be PC games

Big Download writes:

"2008 was a great year for PC gamers but it might have been a better year if some of the best console games of last year had also been ported over to the PC. We know, we know...some console ports are better than others but still there's a lot of potential in having many of 2008's best games come to our side of the fence.

2009 will see console titles like Mirror's Edge, Saints Row 2 and Burnout Paradise come to the PC but what if other such game also made the jump. Big Download has our picks for console exclusives that should be considered for the PC such as Gears of War 2 and many others."

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GWAVE3508d ago

While I certainly appreciate the PC for being the absolute best for graphics and cutting-edge technology, any true gamer would be missing out if they didn't delve into the "indie" game scene on PC. I tend to play my RTS games on PC but most of my other PC games are quirky games that are simply too....oh, how do I put it...."out there" for the majority of console owners.

Charmers3508d ago

Most PC gamers are a totally different breed of gamer. Note I am talking about PC ONLY GAMERS. I looked through that list and nothing really excited me, I wouldn't get any of those games for the PC, let's see :-

Gears Of War 2 - erm no thanks, I thought gears 1 was boring as it was
MGS4 - If I want to watch hours of crappy computer animation I will watch a Pixar movie
Battlefield Bad Company - Never been a fan of the battlefield series on the PC why would I want a watered down console version.
Madden NFL - who cares about American football other than Americans and they don't seem to buy PC games anyway.
Rock Band 2 - oh god please don't be serious
Resistance 2 - Ok shooter but better examples on the PC anyway.
LBP - wow a 2D platform game that would sell all of 2 copies
Soul Calibur 4 - yawn
Smackdown - was the author actually joking here ?
Fable 2 - The first one wasn't particularly gripping I can't say I am bothered about Fable 2.

I don't play games on the PC just to play the same crap that console users are content with. I wish the media and games companies would get that into their heads. I own a PC because I want the unique game play that only a PC can give me. I do not want to play console games on my PC.

HDgamer3508d ago

Hmm you sound like a fanboy. I mean any real gamer would've played those games and not shrug them off as pieces of trash especially when everything listed did very well.