Final Fantasy Shaping Up For Big Things In '09

As far as things go, 2008 was actually quite a busy year for Final Fantasy, but the majority of the coverage took place on the handheld consoles. That's where 2009 comes in. It's time for the big boys to flex their muscles.

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GWAVE3513d ago

I find it interesting that all this muscle flexing is taking place on Sony platforms...

kewlkat0073513d ago

It's a shame they are getting these games....

Gue13513d ago

Yeah, life is not fair kewlkat007... I'm still waiting to play my first Square-Enix game on my PS3 since 2006. =(

Maybe that's the root of all the hate from Sony diehards to S-E?

-Moron = \

Blademask3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

SE has made a bunch of terrible games, look at them. They are terrible. Defend all you want but Too Human has been more entertaining than most SE brainfarts.

SE also was the only real link anyone has had to the FF series. They were the proverbial glue that tied the nostalgia of the FF world to the PS3. They were pretty much going to pull a GG/QuanticDreams/Insomniac/Evo lutionStudios/KojimaProduction s and use the PS3 to make a game that we truly havent seen before with amazing gameplay coupled with amazing production values.Say what you will but more people argue over PS3 achivements, than any other console. Hell, look at N4g. Its all PS3 news. Its why people bought the console in the first place, there are a few games that I personally wanted to see graduate from the PS2 to the PS3.

After news of it coming to the 360, combined with all of SE's terrible unreal engine games on the 360, and the clear exclusive performance divide between the two consoles. There really is nothing to look forward to anymore. The graphics will definetly be lowered from a potential of a Uncharted/Motorstorm2/Killzone 2/MGS4 to whatever the core 360 can handle. Which looks like Gears. Unfortunately since EPIC isn't developing, no one is going to see the creators of the old "graphics king" make another title. I am a person that sees that somewhere between Gears and GTA4 is what the 360 can handle. And that the PS3 can handle UT3, GTA4, and Killzone2/MGS4/GT5P/Uncharted/ Motorstorm2/WipehoutHD/HeavyRa i n/Infamous. Final Fantasy pretty much raises the bar for gaming. I dont see this happeneing with being degraded to run on the 360. The 360 has had no bar setting visuals or any technical advancments since the release of Gears.

SE was a big fish in a little pond, but now. There are others, and others that are making RPG's better than they have. Valkyrie Chronicles is one of those others. It blows every this-gen-SE-attempt out of the water. I am sure it will be a decent game, but FF7 was more than just a game. Its fair to say with the PS3 you are looking at gaming+. I will spend my $60 dollars elsewhere on those games that truly bring amazing gaming. If FF13 is made on the PS3 the way it should be. I'll be right there in line with everyone else, as I was with MGS4. However if its crippled at all because it has to run on a core 360, I mean. Thanks, but I'll take some really good convincing to buy the game. I just don't see it being a posibility, only time will tell.

SE is doing what they want to do to make $. Which there is no problem in that. But its getting to a point to where you are just buying stuff because there is no other options to buy. SE pretty much has to prove to me that their white engine is going to be very impressive on the PS3 as well as a good battle system and story--which used to all be staples that you wouldn't even have to question--. Because based on their -this gen- track record, its been a disaster. 2009 has too many games for the PS3 for me to bother with some f`d up bungle.


we hate traders . especially when you downgrade the ps3 version with a shotty xbuts version.... off my list for 09. thats why i dont buy mutiplats...mutiplats = crappy ports.......still have killzone 2 , uncharted , infamous so who cares about square.

mephman3513d ago

So you won't be getting Echoes of Time either then? :(

resistance1003513d ago

The problem is, its been a while since Square released a really top notch game.

I don't doubt that FFXIII will be great, however i'm taking a step back from this one and will see how it pan's out rather than the usual get first in line on the FF hype train like i normally do