PS3 Attitude: Predictions for 2009 (Part I)

So after rolling out of the unmade bed that is Christmas and landing with a thud on the thin end of 2009, we have to do two things. Firstly, we have to take stock. Looking back at 2008, it is clear that us PS3 Attitude-ees had a great year. With the likes of LBP and MGS4, we can't surely expect 2009 to be as good… Can we?

That thought brings me nicely onto the second thing we have to do at this time of year; look forward to what the next 12 months will bring us. We have already started outlining many of the components making up the raft of games careening toward us with careless abandon in the coming months, but I thought I would take advantage of my shiny new crystal ball.

What's set to burn our corneas with awesomeness and what is set to underwhelm us to tears? In part one, we take a look at the 'Good'.

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Brodiesan3512d ago

I don't know if we'll see a GOTY edition of LBP this year. After all, the game has "legs" apparently and is expected to sell well over 2009.

As for the PS3 slim. I might actually buy one despite the fact that I love the black monolith. It *is* rather huge !

phreaky3512d ago

...and it STILL sells well!!! About a year after the awards are recieved is about standard I think.

Ditto on the PS3 S&L... with built-in PSP2 Dock. And cappuccino maker on the side, too!

paskowitz3512d ago

Not trying to be negative but if Sony is now breaking even on the PS3 do you really think there is going to be a PS3 slim. I don't think so. A price drop is a definite as well as a must. Awesome games, of course there will be awesome games. I think we are going to see Home go from meh to ok this is not half that bad. I also think we will see the PS store get even more great content. On the down side I predict that neither MAG, GOWIII, the next Team ICO game, or GT5 will come out in 2009. Well, definitely GT5 and the ICO game.

I hope that Sony releases some major firmware updates that fix some missing features like full voice chat, more in game music, more video and photo capture support.

Lets hope all the major companies keep their heads above the water in 09 because there are rough waters ahead.

phreaky3512d ago

yeah just wait till you see the next one: 'The Bad'. All my negative predictions for 2009! :s

Graphics Whore3512d ago

GOW3 will make its debut this year in March.