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The State of the Xbox 360: Is it still a must-buy?

In the second of a three-part look at today's consoles, a critical eye is turned to Microsoft's online gamers' paradise. Is it the one must-have console, or should you consider the alternatives instead? (Xbox 360)

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thebudgetgamer  +   2369d ago
it is for me
i just to get the denero first

Danja  +   2369d ago
well for ppl who are looking for a great selection of games and willing to pay 4 good online play then i'd say yes it's a must buy..

overall it's a great console....so why not buy it ?

lol @ dis-agrees..
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CommonSense  +   2369d ago
the truth is...
none of the consoles are must buys. this console gaming generation has just been more of the same with little advancement. and scaling up resolution isn't enough for me to consider any system a must have. it's the games that make these consoles good and a ton of the really good games are on pc, and they look and player better on here. farcry 2, fallout 3, left 4 dead, bioshock, etc...

in my opinion (and obviously nobody offers much other than their opinion, which is all this stupid article is), the best value is a pc. i got a 360 with about 15 games, and ps3 with about 5 games and i rarely touch any of em. online gaming is better on pc and generally free (unless it's an MMO), new content is usually free, there's tons of user content (LBP's only real selling point was that it would have free user created content...and to everyone who's a pc gamer, we thought this was laughable because we've been churning out user content for over a decade), almost all games have dedicated servers, the games look better and play smoother (if you have a decent comp). add all this to the cost of multiple consoles and 10 dollars extra for each game, AND the cost of an HDtv largely outweighs a decent PC and the PC will serve more needs than just gaming and movie watching.

and one more huge thing about pc...it doesn't the void the warrenty when you open it...and in fact, you can build your own. and if you build your own you're just as well off as if you buy from dell. there are no game exclusives for dell or hp and so on.

there's just a plethora of reasons why gamers should shift back to pc. console gaming is getting so big because it allows the corporations to increase control over the consumer. that is bad. and in the long run, if console wins out, we're going to be paying for games by the hour. if it's racing game, you'll pay by the lap. and you'll pay real money for paint jobs, and new tires, and whatever for you car. if it's a shooter, real money for guns and ammo.

i can't wait to see the next generation of xbox and playstation. i hear they are going to come with built in ATMs and credit card swipers.
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thor  +   2369d ago
I disagree that all the good games have been on PC. I also disagree with your statement that LBP's only real selling point is its user generated content; as far as I am concerned it's a great game simply because it's a blast to play with friends - one of the most fun couch-sharing games I've ever played.

But I agree with your overall point. Consoles have become proprietry PCs with their own exclusive games to get you to buy them. It's like having another video format (no, not blu-ray, a standard-def one) that has films not available on DVD; your DVD player would be perfectly capable of playing the films in the right format, but you need to buy another device to play them instead. "Convergence of technology" doesn't mean we're going to have one device that does it all; it means we're going to have hundreds of devices that ALL do almost everything, but we need each one to play a certain type of game or film etc.

Consoles nowadays have ALL the drawbacks of PCs. The only difference, as far as I can see, is that of standard controllers for games. But there are plenty of wireless controllers available; you can even use your 360 controller, and then attach your PC up to your TV.

You are absolutely right that it's about control. If you've got a small laptop you can type your work out on, and you've got a console you can play games on, do you need a gaming PC? Then you've lost complete control over the system you game on. You HAVE to buy games for that system, and they can implement whatever they like such as pay-by-the-hour as you mention. You lose all control over your system; you can't change parts yourself, or upgrade yourself, or fix problems yourself, write software for it yourself, or download freely available software for it.

I would be a lot happier if consoles went away and then I could play ALL my games on my PC.
N4360G  +   2369d ago
Short answer,no.
CrazzyMan  +   2369d ago
Since when a product with 33-50% failure rate was a must buy?
Or 10%(every 10th), or whatever, even 5%(that`s still every 20th console).

Nothing personal, x360 has some good(for some people - GREAT) games, but a must buy.. come on.

EDIT: yeah, RROD does not exist. Even on this site, just write in search RROD or Red Ring and you will get over 50 articles about it.
STOP defending faulty hardware. Even 5-10% is A LOT.
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SaberEdge  +   2369d ago
Nothing game related is a "must-buy", but if you enjoy HD gaming I would say the 360 is an excellent choice (so is the PS3). Great lineup of games and fantastic online service make it a truly stellar console that any fan of games would enjoy.

If you can't afford both consoles, you're just going to have to ask yourself which features and games are most important to you and make your decision from there.

Edit: Where are you coming up with this 33% to 50%. Even the 33% was just an estimation by journalists based on one repair center's numbers and that was only for the first batch of consoles. So, even the 33% was never confirmed. It was just a number thrown out there and people ran with it. Now you are trying to push that to 50%? Why so dishonest and fanatical?
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thebudgetgamer  +   2369d ago
so people dissagree with me
because i want a 360 in my collection of consoles?
or because i need the denero first?
i love video games allways will and the 360 has a huge library of budget priced titles that i want. i am still weary of the tech issues it has but as a gamer i owe it to myself to put a 360 alongside my ps3 on my main tv.


and some will say you can get those games on pc. dont have a pc dont plan on getting one (i love my mac)
DragonWarrior46534  +   2369d ago
It a must have for me right now. I have one already, but my ps3 just took a crap on me about an hour ago, so its all I got now.
kevoncox  +   2369d ago
The 360 is a must buy. You are missing out of tons of great games if you don't have one. Honestly, my Ps3 feels a bit too much like my ps2.
I play it but online is no exsistant. The best games on the system don't have excellent online options.

I think the best game this gen has been on the 360. Mass Effect. Anyone that missed on on this game is doing themselves a huge dis-service. It is an awesome game. I also think that Too human was slept on. When i first picked it up I thought it was terrible, however after the 2nd play thru on the demo, I realized what everyone was so hyped about. I just haven't had anything like this on the ps3. I loved MGS4 but everything else fails to stand out. I got board of R&C halfway thru it. Sony needs to bring out the big guns.
callahan09  +   2369d ago
"Honestly, my Ps3 feels a bit too much like my ps2.
I play it but online is no exsistant. The best games on the system don't have excellent online options."

Ridiculous. Have you even attempted to play Warhawk or Resistance 2? Play Call of Duty 4 online on your 360 then on your PS3. What you'll notice is that the experience is identical. Only you can do it without paying a premium on PS3. PS3 feels too much like PS2, that's the funniest thing I've read all week.
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
"my Ps3 feels a bit too much like my ps2. "
Kevon, every time you type something my brain begins to ache.
caladbolg777  +   2369d ago
PS3 for your console experience.
PC for the MUST-HAVE XBOX360 ports and Multiplayer experience.

kevoncox  +   2369d ago
The reason I said the Ps2 feels a bit to much like the ps2 is because of the lack of actual communication during the game. There are too many people without mics. So yes, Playing only with the ps3 seems like a detacted gaming experience. There are some ass holes online with the 360 but atleast people can communicate. What fun is COD4 when no one is using any tactics at all. That's the issue.

I guess if you don't have a 360 and that is all you have, it may feel like a complete experience but I stress to you that the community that the 360 provides is missing on the ps3.
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
"I guess if you don't have a 360 and that is all you have, it may feel like a complete experience but I stress to you that the community that the 360 provides is missing on the ps3."

I find those who game on the PS3 are more solitary people than those of Xbox Live I play on both and I rarely use my mic to communicate, I just don't feel the need to, especially when you hear some of those most trivial and asinine sputtering online it doesn't really encourage me to help endure the stupidity.
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caladbolg777  +   2368d ago
I've never felt that the 360 was a must-buy.

When the XBOX360 was first released, I thought long and hard about purchasing one. Ultimately, I decided that my PS2 was console-enough for the time being.
As "GOTTA HAVE" titles started turning up left and right on the 360, I'll admit that, again, I contemplated purchasing the console. Again, though, ultimately I decided against purchasing the 360 and instead opted to upgrade my PC to play both the MUST-HAVE 360 titles in addition to the MUST-HAVE PC titles.
Then, about five months ago, I decided that it was finally time to make the switch to "next gen". When weighing the options, PS3 vs 360, it really was a no-brainer. I already had a powerful-enough gaming PC to enjoy all of the 360-to-PC ports. The only experiences I was lacking was those exclusive to the PS3. I purchased a 60gig PS3 w/Emotion Engine off of E-bay in August 08'.

The ability to watch Blu-Ray moves has certainly been a perk.
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SL1M DADDY  +   2368d ago
There is only one type of person that would consider the 360 a "must buy"...
And that is the gamer. The folks that want to play games, not consoles. If you can afford it, buy the consoles to play the games and if you are like me, you want to play all games despite what console they are on so yeah, if you are a gamer you should consider buying the 360. It still has some great games to be played and some good looking titles coming out in the next year or so.
caladbolg777  +   2368d ago
I don't agree, SL1M. You can find many of the "great" 360 titles on PC, which pretty much trumps the argument of "do eett 4 teh gamez!!1 lolz."
Shadow Flare  +   2368d ago
In 2009, i must buy an xbox 360 for.........um....for.....hell , someone help me here
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ppthedipshit  +   2369d ago
Whats the point of a Sh1tbox 3-Fix-Me when i already have a PC and a Heater?

You blind bots make me sick.

bu bu but teh sales!! bu bu but teh highter attach ratez!!! bu bu but dvdz are bettazz!
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BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   2369d ago
LOL i smell fear. I think you should just enjoy the game because i doubt believe itll sell over 8 million copies.

To be a halo killer you have to sell more and review higher. i dont see that happening.
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
Sell Higher? Only Xbox Fanboy's think sales equal quality. Too bad it didn't stop Gears of War 2 from being glitchy and having an almost unplayable online.
Obama  +   2369d ago
Actually to be a halo killer it just have to reach the consensus that it is a better game. Halo3, just like gta4, is overated.
Bon Scott  +   2369d ago
Is it still a must buy? Fvckin A it is!
A lot of you might know this from previous posts already,that I work at the local Gamestop in my town and
we're actually in cahoots with 4 other Gamestops in the area.

LOL,where do I begin.

All of our salesman and clerks are pro 360 guys.
We actually interview them before hiring them and find out if they're
"one of us" hehe.

The 360 IS THE HD gaming system this generation,hands down.
This site is a Sony queerclown fest to say the least.

The PS3 sold SOOOOOoooo miserably this holiday(our biased salemanship didn't hurt that either hehe)in our stores,I don't see why we should even carry them anymore......it's that bad.

We now sell 12 360s to 1 PS3,,,HOHOHOHOHO,,,,Merry fvckin Christmas Sony.

When you arrogant Japenese pr1cks get your head out of your butt holes
and start designing your systems for GAMING and not some movie format......you might gain our support again one day.

I doubt I'll ever actually back another Sony product again.
They have lost their magic.
GiantEnemyLobster  +   2369d ago
You sure have been losing bubbles fast. Only 1 more left to go until you are down to 1 with your idol of jealousy, pp.
Max Power  +   2369d ago
@bon scott...
so why won't you support a Sony product again?
Obama  +   2369d ago
since he is a racist dipshit?
Sergeant Osiris  +   2369d ago
this retard even admits to profiling applicants, someone do an IP trace so we can get this clown fired. You dont deserve to be in ANY part of the gaming industry much less responsible for people buying a DEFECTIVE product.

and here is how sad you are:

If Sony had only developed bluray as a format for its games, what would be your argument then? That they are forcing a larger storage format on gamers? cause thats what PS3 owners are benefiting from, MORE SPACE.

aah whats the point of even responding to asstards like this one, stupidity is not a curable condition.
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Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
There's a cure alright, it's called eradication however it isn't a very approachable method.

Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
F.y.i. Bill Hicks was an late eighties, early nineties comedian, often ending his hitler comment with "I'm also available for children's birthday parties".

It's just a joke.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2368d ago
Graphics Whore, you are one dumb tw@t. You have such a short memory. There were plenty of people last gen on the Sony side who had the sales = quality mentality, when the PS2 was selling unseen amounts of consoles. But now that the PS3 is playing catch up in hardware and software sales, it's a different story. But it is very true that sales don't equal quality.

Halo 3 is an awesome game, with a very high score, and sales that no PS3 game will ever reach. I definitely don't think sales = quality, but I do agree with Prophet that in order to be a "killer" of something, you have to trounce it in terms of both quality and sales. Fallout 3 could be a better game than Halo. The graphics are amazing, that's for sure, so now it all comes down to the actual gameplay. However, will it kill Halo in sales? We both know the answer to that question.

Is the 360 a must buy? Depends on your gaming preferences. I know that for me, Halo and especially Gears of War would be awful tough to pass up. Now that Resident Evil can be played on the 360, the 360 is definitely a must have for me.

The 360 and PS3 really aren't that different, to tell the truth. The PS3 can play Blu Ray, which is a big deal if you care about that. I don't really care. Otherwise, the main difference is in the exclusives. Whichever console most of your friends have makes a big difference too. Virtually all of my friends have a 360, so switching to PS3 would be tough since I would only get to play with two of my friends. Not to mention, those two friends I have that have a PS3, also have a 360.
Graphics Whore  +   2368d ago
So with everything you had to say, was it necessary to call me a tw@t? Nope. It didn't stop me from reading your comment, however with no-to-low amount of games to play how well do you think Halo would have really done? Other than the 93-94 Metacritic rating.
MaximusPrime  +   2369d ago
get a console that suits you.

im staying with PS3 and never consider going back to xbox 360. the thought of RROD and list of MS malfunctioning products is preventing me.

Sorry MS and their devoted fans.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   2369d ago
ur not missed
kewlkat007  +   2369d ago
" Sorry MS and their devoted fans." No Pity needed on this end...
My console works great and never had issues..an Elite BTW. The 360 has a great Library of games the last 2 years and the best Online features currently, if you wanna pay to play.

If you wanna jump in there is plenty of reason to. Especially with the new Jasper ones, for those, that let rrod strike fear in their little hearts...lol.
MaximusPrime  +   2369d ago
i'd rather wait 4 - 6 months after Jasper release and see what happen.

edit: i doubt i will return. i have been happy with my PS3 since it released in UK March 2007. Still functioning brilliantly.
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hippo24  +   2369d ago
im wondering
Am i the only person in the world who bought the protection plan for my xbox?

You see i did this magic thing where i asked a best buy store clerk if they offered protection plans and guess what they said...yes

so I dropped $27.98 on a protection plan for my new $400 xbox and years later when my xbox broke, I took it to the store and they exchanged it (for a new one) in a matter of seconds...are people really this dense.

buy a stupid protection or service plan, and if you don't, don't cry to everyone because your to dense to think ahead.
mcgrawgamer  +   2369d ago
but why wait and see what happens
you stated in your previous post you'd never consider going back. waiting to see what happens is a consideration in today's day and age. if your not gonna get value out of a system don't support it. If you are already looking at the situation in a negative light something bad will happen to your console because your looking for something bad to happen. enjoy your ps3 and game care free, and as the other guy said above I doubt your missed. No offense.
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
"The 360 has a great Library of games the last 2 years"

Yup, LAST 2 years is about dead on.
rogimusprime  +   2369d ago
Sorry Hippo,
a protection plan is supposed to supplement consumer protection in the event of a mishap.

It sounds a little condescending to say "this magical thing" of getting a protection plan when a lot of consumers just aren't that savvy. Let's face it...people are stupid, but others get the system as a gift and had no say in the matter.

It's great that best buy wants to take your money, but wouldn't it be better if MS stood behind the quality of their product from the launch of the system instead of having to get sued into offering a warranty?

I won't even discuss the scratched disc fiasco.

I bought my xbox refurbed from overstock, so I didn't get the option of a protection plan. On the other hand, my 56inch DLP from Circuit City is covered with a protection plan because $1500 is a lot of money to waste for accidentally messing up a TV, but I didn't buy it because the TV might not turn on one day and flash blinking lights at me.

A console with a 30% failure rate should be protected by the manufacturer....no matter what. If it was sony, who launched a year ahead to beat it's competitors and put out a faulty product, people would be crying for the head of Japanese execs...hell, they would have had to commit sappuku already.

The XBOX 360 is where most of my time is spent, but once it goes....I'll only buy games for my PS3
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JOLLY1  +   2369d ago
Well Lucky for you prime it is
Is it completely covered for 3 years. No other hardware manufacturer period has done that. So, what is the new excuse?

To the little guy b(e)low me, You quoted my question then never gave an answer....clever?
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Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
"No other hardware manufacturer period has done that. So, what is the new excuse?"

There wouldn't be that problem if Microsoft didn't throw money at the FCC. 33-35% rate of failure for product model 1 (1st) gen of the Xbox 360? HOW DOES THAT PASS.
SmokingMonkey  +   2369d ago
@ above about the warranty
at gamestop there is only one item in the whole store that they cannot sell a warranty for...the 360.

or if you want to get technical

the arcade sku
the pro sku
the elite sku
the refurbished 360 sku

everything else is fine
JOLLY1  +   2369d ago
Actually from what I remember...
Once Microsoft gave out the 3 year rrod warranty, gamestop reinstated their warranty for the 360.

*edit* Yeah I was right. I just called gamestop amd they said that yes they do offer the extended warranty for all of the 360's. Any other ideas you have?
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hippo24  +   2369d ago

Why the protection plan is a "add-on" and a good majority of gift givers don't know the details, im assuming most of the people reading this are fairly knowledgeable on the details of a console purchase, and are not going to simply not know about what a warranty/protection plan is.

On the flip side if you are given a gift, or buying a used console, you loose the ground to complain because the reason your getting a free or cheaper console, is because your loosing control over certain factors in favor of a price downgrade.

You actually make a great point, but your statement is geared toward the technologically ignorant, rather then an enthusiastic gamer, who is posting on a gaming site. So a person who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about games should insure their product, even if it means returning an xbox to buy a warranty, or paying a little more for new over used

In closing you make a very valid point its just the people on this site ARE the exception to the rule

-xbox does have a limited warranty

-xbox's do not scratch discs unless put on an unstable surface or move

If you really hate warranties, go with a ps3, so far I've only heard a few horror stories from them, and my ps3 has yet to exhibit them.

So unless that's a HUGE concern, then buy a protection plan for your xbox and you'll be a-ok.

(my pc has broken down more often then my XBOX but thats not saying much)
El Zorro Rojo  +   2369d ago
Well, that your choice, Maximus Prime.

All I know is that I have a PS3 and a 360 and there is no way in hell that I would be satisfied only playing on my PS3. I would miss out on too many good games and would miss out on my Xbox LIVE friends and the gaming and community that it offers.
SmokingMonkey  +   2369d ago
funny thing...i happen to work for gamestop

so yeah...no warranties on the 360 in SW america

also we are going to stop buying back xbox1 games on feb 8 fact check that sh!t
JOLLY1  +   2369d ago
what is sw america?
I called this gamestop 360-757-2745. I asked them if they do extended warranties for XBOX 360's. He said yes. Anyone can call a gamestop, they all say yes. Congrats for trying to lie though. Fail! On a side note, what one do you work at? this can help the people of n4g not buy crap from a gamestop that is cheating customers.
#3.15 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SmokingMonkey  +   2369d ago
South West USA = SW america
sorry, but it's sad but true i do work at a gamestop and we do not sell warranties on 360's in my whole district, i won't tell you which one exactly but we are one of the top ranked regions.

I also worked at a gamestop on the East Coast (that's the East Coast of the United States, for the slower N4G members) and they also did not sell warranties on 360's

don't believe me? i don't care. But it is a fact in my district.
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Jazz4108  +   2368d ago
I would like to know what Sonys actual failure rate is. I have never lost a 360 yet but my PS3 is locked up and will not load, and I checked with other sites to see if they could help and I am finding that there is indeed a worth mentioning failure rate. Sorry if I offended anyone but I am just speaking about what happened to my Ps3.
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bomboclaat_gamer  +   2368d ago
stop wasting time on N4G and go back to school. so u dont have to work at gamestop anymore. how much do they pay..........like 9 dollars an hour?
chaosatom  +   2369d ago
I find it hard to belive that new halo games will draw new gamers.
people already have the 360 that like halo, and it's not going to drive sales.

Unless 360 can become more cheap, it's hard for them to grab more people to buy their console.
hippo24  +   2369d ago
I agree, I think halo 3 isn't such a driving factor anymore. While i think most xboxs, that are purchased, will have halo at some point and time

I do think the price cut might be a more legitimate claim, but who really cares anyway.

maybe ODST will surprise us though...
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SprayandPreycom  +   2369d ago
the year of the ps3
#5 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Foliage  +   2369d ago
the year of the 360

...I'm kidding, the 360 never has and will never have "a year". Even when the PS3 and Wii were not around the PS2 was still making an embarrassment out of the 360.
hippo24  +   2369d ago
Do whatever suits your fancy, ps3, box, PC...wii

just don't rush into it and get the wrong one, then spend hours spreading your fanboyism on forums, in order to try and justify your purchase
GWAVE  +   2369d ago
The 360 WAS a must-buy console, but with the rampant hardware issues and dwindling number of upcoming games, I'd say the PS3 has taken that crown. What big games are coming out for the 360? I mean, let's be serious. The PS3 is backed by one of the largest 1st-party developers in the world whereas the 360 continues to lose its 1st-party studios and exclusive support. Unless you simply HAVE to play a few specific franchises such as Forza, Halo, or Gears, you really aren't missing out on anything if you skip out on the 360.
El Zorro Rojo  +   2369d ago
Speak for yourself, but there are tons of games on the 360 that I would miss out on playing if I didn't have an Xbox 360.

Gears of War 1 & 2, Fable 2, Tales of Vesperia, Tenchu Z, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Dead Rising, etc.

I don't doubt for a second that the 360 will have a decent lineup this year. Even if it does end up being slightly inferior to the PS3's lineup, so what? The 360 could come back in 2010 and have a lineup that is better than the PS3's. Everything is constantly in flux. As long as there continue to be games I want to play on the console, I will keep playing it.
Foliage  +   2369d ago
I've got a PC, the 360 was never a "MUST" buy for me. Although I did give it a try for awhile until the PS3 came out. That's when I lost interest in the 360 and sold it before the RROD could hit it.
GWAVE  +   2369d ago
As I said Zorro Rojo, unless you're a fan of very specific franchises, the 360 doesn't offer much. Take out Gears, Halo, and Fable and what are you left with? Not much.

And remember, it's not as though those are the only games in their genre worth playing. That's why I said "IF you're a fan of a specific franchise". FPS fans have Resistance 1 and 2 and Killzone 2 on the PS3. 3rd-person fans have MGS4 on the PS3. As such, gamers should be looking at what is coming soon to each system, and the 360 is sorely lacking.
soxfan2005  +   2369d ago
Take out Gran Turismo 5, God of War, Killzone 2, and MGS4 and what is PS3 left with? That arguement can go both ways.
Rhoic  +   2362d ago
What is the 360 left with? Uhh.. Full support from one of the best developing teams in the world Valve. Also Remedy. Mass Effect, the largest selection of RPGs available. And I swear to God if you say they suck because you read a review you would be a freaking hypocrite.

Oh, and Resistance 1 and 2 are so damn mediocre. Played the demo of 1 and played 2.. missing these games isn't missing much. Killzone 2 though looks pretty darn good. Already have it on reserve.

As Soxfan already said.. that was a horrible attempt to say the 360 has no games rofl.. "Take away all the good games and you're left with bad games!" Really? I had no idea! I thought that if you go by logic.. taking away the good games means you would get even better games!

Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
If you're looking for a beginner-to-intermediate next-gen console, Xbox 360 is right for you.
joebahrjoebahr  +   2369d ago
so fantastic about the ps3?

i need new reasons to want to play mine,
OOG  +   2369d ago
DJ  +   2369d ago
Here's something that'll make you want to use a PS3
Since you don't have one. Games. Go out to a demo station and try out some of the titles on there. You can find one at your local Gamestop or Best Buy.
shutupandplay  +   2369d ago
"If you're looking for a beginner-to-intermediate next-gen console"

Uhhh, all you do is buy a console and play some games...it`s not like its some sort of complex task. :/
Tmac  +   2369d ago
A lot more adults play on the PS3, Live has an over-whelming amount of children and back talkers, not to mention if you want the best graphics money can offer on a console you get a PS3.

Xbox 360 $199, beginners next-gen console.
Traveler  +   2369d ago
That's a myth. There is an equal amount of idiots on both services in my experience.
OOG  +   2369d ago
funny I have all 3 systems... Wii, 360 and PS3 so maybe you fanboys should put your money where your mouth is.
Radiodread  +   2369d ago
THEY SHOULD HAVE RELEASED THE JASPER THE FIRST YEAR! when the 360's first started their RRODS. Now you've had to pay for repairs constantly trying to keep up with the malfunctions the 360 has. ITS TOO LATE FOR JASPER SKU's. F!ck the 360 I went through 3 myself and just because some of you have never had a problem with your 360 DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE ELSE DOESN'T. I will stay with the ps3 now until ps4. K2 and God of War 3 here I come.
yoghurt  +   2369d ago
Doesnt tempt me, the only game(s) I have enjoyed playing on my mates is Gears of War, Halo I also played but to me that was waaaay over hyped. Not worth shelling out on a 360 for one exclusive game, of which it will probably end up on PC anyway. I have more than enough games to deal with and my blu-ray player pumping out the dark knight in HD thank you very much, no need for 2 consoles here. This is, just my opinion of course, as the original question was 'is it still a must buy'
DJ  +   2369d ago
Agreed. Gears is hella fun
But one or two compelling titles a year isn't enough to warrant a console purchase. Well...unless you get a Wii. Wii Sports is that awesome.
evrfighter  +   2369d ago
thats exactly why I havn't purchased a ps3 yet. being a FPS gamer the ps3 offers nothing atm to warrant such a purchase. You can bet however I'll be testing Killzone II to see if it has the potential to hold its own for years to come. In other words, looking to see if it'll be the counterstrike for the ps3. You can usually tell within a day or two if its got lasting appeal.
Unicron  +   2369d ago
Is it a must buy? Depends on your gaming preferences. Majorly subjective topic here.
Nathan Drake  +   2369d ago
If Halo,Braid,and Gears of War 1 do not interest you
Then to be honest,there's no reason for owning a 360 until Alan Wake comes out(That is,if the game actually receives a release date for this gen).

Why am I stating the above?Because to be frank,98% of the Xbox 360 exclusive game library is the most overrated video game library I have ever played.I literally wonder out loud how Microsoft managed to produce such a high level of hype and use the same hype to convince the gaming press that the majority of their library is great.

2% of Xbox 360s exclusive game library is actually THAT good,games such as Braid and Gears of War 1 are literally amazing experiences that shouldn't be missed by true gamers UNLESS the said games do not interest you,a gamer,at all.Games such as Mass Effect and or Left 4 Dead for example,2 console exclusives;I'm literally amazed how the 2 games could receive such a high number of "9 out of 10" scores when the games simply do not possess enough content and quality gameplay mechanics to warrant such a high score.Is it because the devs are considered 'darlings' and have close relationships with various gaming websites and publications,or is there something else going on that we don't know about?

I mean,there's having an opinion as a gamer and or gaming journalist,but then there's being as honest as possible so as not to mislead your gaming peers and or readers.I simply can not understand how a game such as Left 4 Dead is not called out for its lack of content and repetitiveness,I just don't."Oh look,the music has changed and thus means a Tank is coming...again..."," STAY AWAY FROM THE BOOMER,IF HE THROWS UP ON YOU FOR THE 5TH TIME IN THIS SINGLE CAMPAIGN,THE SAME EXACT THING WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!","Wait!Gr ab that bomb,activate the scripted event,and throw it so all the incredibly easy to kill Zombies rush towards it for no apparent reason!"etc etc.Is Left 4 Dead a good game?Yes.Is it a great game?No,and you'd have to be either very young/very drunk/receiving corporate incentives to award it a 9 on a 1-10 scale.

Halo=Great franchise,disappointed by Halo 3,disappointed by Microsofts decision to whore out the franchise,but there's no denying Bungie created a great software release in Halo.Gears of War 1=Amazing game,no story,but everything else gives a scent of fantastic and innovative coding.Braid=Phenomenal,there' s not much more to say about a downloadable game that delivers such a high quality experience that rivals the big buck retail releases such as Fallout 3,Fable 2,etc.If the above do not interest you at all,then you have no reason to purchase a 360 at the moment.

Now please proceed with the "Drake doesn't have a 360 he googled everything above I saw him googling Mods arrest him etc etc!!!!!!!" shtick,or in other words,please proceed to denying the reality of the Xbox 360 exclusive game library situation.
#12 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Liquid Snake  +   2369d ago
as much as you said that in a fanboy manner i agree 100% with you. +1 Bubbles.
tatotiburon  +   2369d ago
if LBP and MGS4 do not interest you then to be honest,there's no reason for owning a PS3....how easy was that and apparently a lot of people didn't care about LBP, how much it sold in NA?
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
If LBP doesn't interest you than that is sad and speaks something is very wrong in this country.
Liquid Snake  +   2369d ago
who cares tatotiburon i bought LBP and MGS4, thats all that matters to me. By the way MGS4 has sold 4.5 million and LBP has sold almost 2million copies if you care about sales so much. Considering MGS4 isnt an entry point for new players and was made for the fans i think it did extremely good.

BTW if your wondering I didn't buy Resistance 2 because i thought it was a mediocre game. But its online is currently the best there is. 60 players with NO LAG at all. The same can't be said for GeOW2 they can't even do 5v5 right.

NA = Does not equal the whole world.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2369d ago
if LBP and MSG4 didnt interest me(which they did) then i would still have resistance 2, uncharted, ratchet and clank, warhawk, gran turismo 5 prologue, and socom to be interested...

there, those are big franchise available only on PS3. other than gears 2, i can get just about any big "exclusives" that 360 has for my PC...
#12.5 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
tatotiburon  +   2369d ago
well if you enjoy LBP and MGS4 good for you. Where did you get that MGS4 sold 4.5millions?, yes NA is not the whole world, in japan they didn't care about LBP either and all EU have sold the same amount of NA with bigger install base. The game didn't' cause a major impact, that's a fact and that is very sad because it's a good game. If you want to talk about the best MP of this year, let's talk about L4D a game which won every single MP award the past year. With L4D you all learned that more players doesn't mean a better MP, i'm sorry.

EDIT: and if halo, braid, gears of war 1 do not interest you, maybe fable 2, forza motosport, ninja gai....of jesus giantenemycrab you beat me, thanks for saving the time xD bubbles+
#12.6 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2369d ago

You troll and hate on the 360 a lot so you have to understand why people say "BS" when they read your posts. I get the same response when I am critical or even praising the PS3. Your reputation proceeds you and you have a PS3 rep on this site.

Not that I dismiss what you have to say but most of your complaints are opinions and conjecture. Because you didn't like Mass Effect or L4D doesn't mean many others don't.

Here are some 360 exclusives I've enjoyed. A few are PC also, but I console game only and these are not available on the other systems.

Dead Rising (3rd person zombie action game)
Crackdown (3rd person open world action game)
Blue Dragon (JRPG)
Lost Odyssey (JRPG)
Left 4 Dead (FPS)
Halo 3 (FPS)
Ninja Gaiden 2 (3rd person Ninja action game)
Forza 2 (Racer)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (Racer)
Gears of War 1 & 2 (TPS)
Viva Pinata (Family)
Infinite Undiscovery (JRPG)
Mass Effect (RPG)
Braid (Platform)
Geometry Wars 1 & 2 (Arcade shooter)
Ace Combat 6 (Flight Sim)
Kameo (Platform)
Fable 2 (RPG)
Castle Crashers (Platformer Beat-em Up)
Dead or Alive 4 (Fighting)
Chromehounds (Mech Battle)
Culdcept Saga (Strategy)

This isn't close to all of them but it's just an example of the fine exclusive library I've enjoyed on the 360. You may not like all or any of those but most people I know would look at that list and say there are some real worthy of a system purchase games in there.

Fair enough on your complaints about L4D but I can see why someone would give it a 9/10 or why even some are calling it the best MP game of 08. It has the most important factor for gaming and that is FUN. While the environments can be limited, there are multiple paths you can take and with the AI director the game is never the same twice. The balancing of the entire game is brilliant.

People still play games like TF2, CS and Halo years after release because it has that something special that many can't seem to get enough of. Sounds like whatever that "it" thing is you don't like it or get it.

EDIT: Baseball: %99?? Come on! There are like 4 games in that list that are on PC. %99???? You need to go back to math class and stop trying to FUD up this great list.
#12.7 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2369d ago
just about 99% of those games you mentioned, i can get on PC. i know that you said they were on PC but the question is, is it worth it to shell out $350 for a 360 just to play these game instead of just buying them and play on my PC???

you need to buy a PS3 to play PS3 exclusives because they are not available on ANY OTHER GAMING SYSTEM INCLUDING PC
tatotiburon  +   2369d ago
and is it worth it to upgrade your PC to play those games with appropriate settings? and you can play all this games including GOTY multiplataforms like Fallout 3, GTAIV and big names like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and more for less than US$250
El Zorro Rojo  +   2369d ago
Baseballkid, you're full of it. Most of those games can't be played on the PC. Besides, I don't care if a few of those games can be played on the PC. My PC is fine for doing lots of things, but it couldn't come close to running most of these games at a quality and stability level comparable to that which I get on my 360.

This whole "I can play it on my PC so it isn't exclusive" is so fvcking stupid. I'm sorry, but most gamers I know don't have gaming rigs capable of running most of these games and it is obvious that most of you people who claim that are likely flat out lying. Maybe 5 or 10% of my gaming friends own a gaming PC, but when it comes to PS3 fanboys...wow, suddenly everybody has one. Ridiculous.

It's further ridiculous because there are lots of 360 exclusives that I couldn't play on my PC even if it were powerful enough. Right now, for example, two of my favorite games--Gears of War 2 and Fable 2--can only be played on the Xbox 360. There is no way I would want to miss out on even those two games, not to mention all the other exclusives I can't play on a PC.
#12.10 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
pippoppow  +   2369d ago
There are some games worth getting on PC over the 360 version. Besides better visuals, less pop-in with greater draw distance, mod support and some games like rts games play better on PC with a mouse and keyboard. To some alot of people the cost differnce between a PC and an Xbox is very worth.
evrfighter  +   2369d ago
Your probably bashing the 360 version of L4d but l4d is a pc game. so in that defense

http://www.l4dmods.com/ says hi
NipGrip  +   2369d ago
Holy cow you went there.
"Oh no you didn't!"

Brave man and I agree. That said, if Jasper proves to be more solid, I'll grab one and enjoy the few games that interest me.
eagle21  +   2369d ago
Must buy? Heck no.
Must sell? Consider it. :)
Gun_Senshi  +   2369d ago
Depends on person
Personally the X360 makes no difference ot me. I can play X360 games on my PC and I got a powerful PC due to line of work.
El Zorro Rojo  +   2369d ago
You can't play every 360 exclusive. Some of the best exclusives, like Gears of War 2 and Fable 2, can only be played on the Xbox 360.

But we all knew that was just an excuse anyway, so carry on.
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
Gears of War 2 is gonna be on PC Bud. The only real exception is Fable 2 and by statistic standards it's not even Triple A. (however I enjoyed it myself).
tatotiburon  +   2369d ago
more than 10 millions new users from christmas in EU and NA thinks that the xbox 360 still as a must buy console, and the media thinks that too considering that every day they are bashing the PS3.

EDIT: but in this case the media have good points to bash about the PS3, but for you people any bad news about the PS3 is biased...wake up it isn't the perfect console.
#15 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Unicron  +   2369d ago
So you admit that the media IS biased.

ICUP  +   2369d ago
Did you pull that out of your @ss?

must hurt no?
Unicron  +   2369d ago
"Bashing" should not be in the vocabulary of "professional, unbiased" media sites that pride themselves on "ethics and journalistic integrity." That's your first mistake. Constructive criticism is one thing... "bashing" helps no one. So again, thank you for admitting that the media is indeed foolishly biased.

Also, no console is perfect. To think otherwise is silly. The PS3, 360, and Wii are all flawed, but all bring great things to the table as well.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2369d ago
Hell yes, if you are a gamer you are doing yourself a disservice not owning the premier HD console of this gen.

Not to say the PS3 is a bad system. It is definately a system worth a purchase as well and I plan on owning both this year.
GWAVE  +   2369d ago
I prefer my "premier" games WITHOUT glitches, thank you. And no, I'm not harping about the RRoD, disk scratching, or the many other 360 hardware problems.

I'm talking about how the vast majority of 360 "AAA" games these days suffer from all sorts of bugs, crashes, glitches, lag, texture pop-in, and overall lack of polish. If that's what I have to deal with to experience the "premier" HD console of this generation...oh, I suppose I can "settle" for the PS3. :)
#16.1 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2369d ago
Are you telling me that PS3 games don't suffer from glitches? I guess I imagined the pop-in and screen tearing in Uncharted or the massive glitches that plagued games like Socom and MGO?

I did not say the machine is perfect, but like it or not it is the most popular HD console this gen and with good reason.

I do hate glitches but the 360 has no more glitches than the other 2 systems when it comes to games. As far as the hardware, I've never had a problem with my system.

I respect your opinion so fine don't buy one. Your loss.
#16.2 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Unicron  +   2369d ago
I know both of you to be smart posters, so no need to fight. Though I do think both of you bring up a great point. What the hell is going on with games these days? Fable 2. Socom Confrontation. Gears of War 2. Little Big Planet. All 4 of them major releases. All 4 of them HUGE holiday titles with large expectations. All 4 of them HUGELY buggy and glitchy, and yet for the most part ignored in reviews.

What the sh1t? Is this what developers think of gamers these days? Is there ANY justification for such shoddy releases, regardless of system?
El Zorro Rojo  +   2369d ago
I haven't found Gears 2 to be buggy. I have mostly played single player, but still, I suspect this issue has been exaggerated.
Unicron  +   2369d ago
Unfortunately, you'd suspect wrongly in this case. There should be a list on Kotaku. Couple that with still iffy matchmaking, and it's not becoming of a so called AAA release, as I said, regardless of console.
Graphics Whore  +   2369d ago
"4.2 -
Are you telling me that PS3 games don't suffer from glitches? I guess I imagined the pop-in and screen tearing in Uncharted or the massive glitches that plagued games like Socom and MGO?"

Boot up Gears 1 and watch the pop-in, pop in Mass Effect and watch the frame rates dwindle, it happens.

It's definitely the usher of HD consoles however the premier of HD consoles? I would not say that.
MaximusPrime  +   2369d ago
it is down to person themselves. they ask a question before deciding which console they want.

What genres i love most?
is the console reliable?
is customer service reliable?
is online free?
if not, how much a year?

etc etc
Mode2  +   2369d ago
technically if you're only ps3 or 360
you're good at this point.

my friend from malaysia (a stout ps3 fanboy) said he was forced to buy a 360 for the rpgs.

it goes both ways.
T-Baggins  +   2369d ago
When was it ever a must buy?
topblood   2369d ago | Spam
Firstkn1ghT  +   2369d ago
Really a no brainer. It has both quality and quantity games all at an affordable price.

The wii is not a console for me and the ps3 still doesn't have the games I desperately want to play. Something like a next gen Twisted Metal would definitely get me to buy a ps3 but the current library doesn't carry enough weight for me to spend 400 smackers.
#21 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
ICUP  +   2369d ago
In quality, MGS4 and LBP beat all 360 games

In quantity, the 360 release ahead one year

In term of prices you get what you paid for.

EDIT: i have a ps3 and a great PC ($1500)

Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Dead Space also on PC

Fable 2 and Gears of War 2 - it will be on PC

I buy the ps3 to play exclusive games.
#21.1 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
shutupandplay  +   2369d ago
I agree. I got Fable 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2 and Dead Space very recently.......All on 360. Still no need for a ps3 over here.
DNAgent  +   2369d ago
Why would the 360 be a must buy?
It's still a defective heater that has no games this year.
OSIRUSSS  +   2369d ago
I'll buy a 360 when

1) I can connect my PSP to it wirelessly

2)if it ever has wireless out of the box.

3) if it gets bluray out of the box.

4) it cost $129

5) it gets tons of 1080p 60fps games

6) if the SOulja Boi game gets AAA,10/10 confirmed

So its not looking good for MS.
#23 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SmokingMonkey  +   2369d ago
i don't want one
last gen i bought all three and found out all i needed was a PS2

this gen i decided to buy just two the PS3 (of course) and a Wii

Now i feel i should have just bought one, the one that plays LBP, R2 and the one that will play Killzone2

i feel no need for a second console, let alone a third one (with issues)
topblood  +   2369d ago
to dnagent
your logic is flawed.
xbox 360 has games coming out this year.
but you know. i know your a ps3 fanboy/ anime freak.

i got both consoles but i aint no fanboys like most people on this site.

80% of people who post comments are ps3 fanboys and thats for sure.

you people are hyped. if you argueing over consoles then you are surely the wastemans.
Max Power  +   2369d ago
wait, because...
i enjoy the ps3 more that makes me an anime freak?
shutupandplay  +   2369d ago
It`s not a must-buy anymore seeing as everybody has one already.
cmrbe  +   2369d ago
22 million
is not everyone
ICUP  +   2369d ago
Divided by 33% .....
SaberEdge  +   2369d ago
It was 25 million at the end of November and is probably a bit higher now, not 22 million.

Failure rate is not 33%. That was only an estimation based on return rates to one repair center in the early days of the console. There is no way that the failure rate is currently 33%. NeoGaf did a poll and the Falcon units were found to have a much, much lower fail rate (I believe it was around 5%). The new Jasper chipsets run even cooler and so it will obviously have an even lower fail rate.

Furthermore, it makes no sense to say that people who do have an Xbox 360 fail on them are going to buy a new one. Why would anybody buy a new console when Microsoft cover the Xbox 360 with a three year warranty. A friend who had the RROD simply sent it off to Microsoft and it was fixed and returned to him in less than two weeks and he hasn't had a problem with it since. Why would anybody spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new console when they can get their console fixed for free?

But that's ok guys, go on, keep inventing those numbers if it makes you feel better.
#26.3 (Edited 2369d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
El Zorro Rojo  +   2369d ago
The 360 has lots of great exclusives. And even if you have a gaming rig--which, let's be honest, most of us don't--there are still quite a few must-have exclusives that can't be found on the PC.

Then there is the fact that LIVE is still the best way to game online. PSN isn't bad, and it has certainly seen some improvements over the months, but it doesn't equal Xbox LIVE.

You also have the fact that every game can be counted on to have achievements and most multiplatform games look better on the 360 anyway.

There are lots of reasons to own an Xbox 360, just as there are for owning a PS3. They are both good consoles, but I do admit that so far I play my 360 more than my PS3.
cmrbe  +   2369d ago
Lets wait and see what MS
has in store for this year.

All i know is that since Gears 1 i haven't been impressed with any x360 exclusive since then.

In the end its still about induviduals preference in gaming.
Anon1974  +   2368d ago
Me too.
I loved the first Gears. It made me think "Right on. Now we'll see things kick into Gear on the 360!" I really thought it raised the bar for every game to come, and I was excited.

Then....nothing. There were a few good exclusives but nothing topped Gears. 2 years I waited and finally Gears 2 came out and pushed the envelope just a bit more than the first one but still left me feeling a little like the 360 was a promise unfulfilled. I can't help but wonder if the 360 is tapped.

PS3 games by contrast seem to be raising the bar all the time from MGS4 and LBP to KZ2 and Heavy Rain, not to mention what we've seen further out like GOW3 and GT5.
Lucreto  +   2369d ago
For me not really. It need some niche games which the PS3 will more likely to get. Once it gets games like Ico, Okami and other games of that nature it will be worth it.

I might get one next year once the sacrificial blood of Ensemble has been washed away.

Its biggest disadvantage for me is that it is associated with Microsoft. If it was made by any other company I would already have it.
Blink_44  +   2369d ago
No need for me to get a 360, all my friends are 360 fanboys....tards..
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