Lips Review (OXCGN): The Social Interaction And Music Game For Xbox


"Have you seen the Lips commercial (the cute little lips with legs) or the introduction video on the game? Don't buy this game if you see yourself playing the game like shown.

Chances are you wont be sitting around in your trendy apartments with stylish friends singing perfect duets of Young Folks.

You will be stumbling around the lounge after downing a slab of beer and screaming out the Australian classic Khe Sahn in your friends faces, loud enough to cause partial deafness and for your neighbors to hear your terrible singing. This is what Lips is all about."

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gaminoz3482d ago

I can see a lot of my family and friends wanting a go at this, but I don't think I'd like to reveal just how badly I sing....

Godem3482d ago

I personally think I would never, ever attempt to even use this game.. exposing my bad singing skills would be a bad idea I would think!

XboxOZ3603482d ago

A good friend of mine is a singer, and believe it or not, we went to one of those karaoke places and I actually had a great time. Everyone can sing, it's simply a matter of "finding your voice" as she says. - God, listen to Bruce Springstien for christs sake . .gravelly voice, can't understand him, but he sings.

This would be a great family thing, or for friends at parties . . .

darkmurder3482d ago

Not quite the Singstar killer MS would have hoped for, but at least it gives them a chance to further extend their casual market.

gaminoz3482d ago

A JB manager that I know says that it has been flying off the shelves, so it must be doing something right. It's just a niche MS hadn't tapped before and should have.

As the Wii shows, not all games have to be 'traditional' to make an impact.