1UP: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Preview

Wolverine's risen far above his humble origins in The Incredible Hulk No. 180 and beyond the confines of his uncanny team. While often burdened with leadership, he also represents more controversial ideals in the world of heroism: doing whatever it takes to get the job done -- taking lives, if necessary -- and spending as much time fighting the beast within as the villains who get in his way. As Wizard tells it, "Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man don't own the top slot simply because they live in a world of black and white, definitive right and wrong. Wolverine exists in colorful shades of gray."

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jaybdemented3393d ago

he used to be one of my fav x men, now i'm sick of Wolverine. the only reason i will see this is bc gambit is in it.

DC-3523393d ago

1st of all... Never could be sick of Logan...

2nd... Efff Gambit.. I mean i like him and all But they Cast Ryan reynolds is DeadPool!!!!!!!! thats the Most Epic Win casting Ever!!!