Java PS3 Media Server version 1.02.1 released

PS3-Sense writes "Java PS3 Media Server is undoubtedly one of the best applications for the PlayStation 3. The application turns your PS3 into a true multimedia monster that playback almost everything. Today a new version of this program has been released which introduces some new features. It even playback .mkv files and has a feature to auto-add .srt subtitles. A download link is provided after the jump."

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chaosatom3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

awesome, i been using tversity, but looks like i can switch over.

Simon_Brezhnev3426d ago

yeah i switched over a couple weeks ago its a lot better den tversity its just not as good with .flv and wmv files like tversity

GVON3426d ago

just set it up now and it's ace

BulletToothtony3426d ago

Just last night i bought MediaLink for $20 this is the FIRST time i buy software.. and this happens... ugh.. I know there is a free way to get a media server but medialink was the easiest one...

Now if PMS can transcode mkv files (i know it can stream) then I'll be the happiest little boy on earth.. I don't think it can thou.. can anyone confirm, debunk this???

Powertesties3426d ago

Now that is awesome. For those of you who do not know, that is blu-ray files. Freaking awesome!!! I am downloading it now.

Thank you Java, I toast you with, Java.

BulletToothtony3426d ago

it installed fine but doesn't show up on the ps3.. media link shows up within 2 seconds..

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ryanpmulvey3426d ago

I was using that, but now I can stream almost anything without a fuss

GrandTheftZamboni3426d ago

This is from readme:


A core 2 duo CPU (mine is a E6750, 2.66GHz) for smooth 1080p transcoding, but 720p seems to be transcodable with a good P4 :p

Didn't try anything higher than DVD quality yet, but from the above, I guess the answer is yes.

Just installed it on Ubutu. Easy installation.

phosphor1123426d ago

AMD x2 2.0 and I stream my 1080p movies with yeah..MKV files are now a go..YES!! time to watch movies, byeee.

uie4rhig3425d ago

mine is a wireless G router, and it stutters like its gone mad lol.. this is on a laptop with bluray drive and support :P

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but what does this actually do ? i don't have a problem watching videos on my ps3 with the web browsert. I press the full screen and bam it covers the the screen nicely . explain please ?

GrandTheftZamboni3426d ago

DLNA media servers stream music, video, photos from your PC to DLNA client (such as PS3 and I think XBox). This one seem to have Matroska support, which is kind of big, since Matroska files are normally used for high quality video (Bluray rips etc.) and movie industry doesn't like them for that reason (ripping).

GlibGamer3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Funny coincidence, as I'm streaming some video to my PS3 using this same program while reading this story on the front page.

If you haven't tried this program yet, what are you waiting for? Download it and start it up. It doesn't require an install to make it work.

This program works so well I'm looking into building a dedicated box with a gigabit ethernet card, and use a crossover cat5e cable between the PS3 and media server to get my media. :)

itchy183426d ago

this one plays .mkv!!!!! i'm using this one to play .mkv files. .mkv files are HD videos. ps3 doesn't support it yet.

GiantEnemyCrab3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

So are you playing them natively? Or is this doing transcoding on the back end?

If it is streaming them natively than that is a big deal but if it's just transcoding I've been doing that for ages with all media types in SD and HD.

EDIT: NVM. I see it is transcoding but still sounds like great app.

itchy183426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

im not really sure. i will check when i get home and tell you if it plays natively or just transcoding. because if i play 1080p .mkv video the quality is crystal clear like blu-ray.

what other media server that you use? the one that transcodes the video to your ps3?

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