Pachter plays the guessing game with holiday sales while Microsoft brags


"I didn't get any new consoles this holiday season, so I have to admit I didn't do too much guessing about which ones sold best. Of course, why waste my time on such things when I could merely turn to Wedbush Morgan expert Michael Pachter and hear his thoughts on the matter (which are most likely right, considering he's an industry analyst and all)."

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Speed-Racer3454d ago

Hmm a bit of a contradicting statement here by MS and patcher

chaosatom3454d ago

"I haven't done the work for NPD yet, but my guess is that 360 sales were flat or up a little, PS3 sales down a little, and Wii sales up more than 100%."

It's like he is a 5 year old again.

thebudgetgamer3454d ago

either it went up or down. thats my professional opinion.


Killzonegamer833454d ago

I really dislike this guy. Hes a joke on gametrailes bonus round, him and his other buddies on there, all they do is bash the PS3 to no end while praising the 360 and drink the MS kool aid by the gallons.