Street Fighter 4 Exclusive Console Character Videos

1up writes:

""I hope you're ready for a beating," says Dan Hibiki, the underpowered Street Fighter (originally created by Capcom as a joking reference to Ryo Sakazaki, a main character in SNK's Art of Fighting). In 1UP's exclusive Dan vs. Dan video, we get the impression that he's no longer a joke character but a worthy fighter possessing a solid ground game, a few decent combos, and an uppercut special attack with surprisingly decent priority. Watch the clip at 1:18 for Dan's hilarious -- and damaging -- Ultra attack, an awesome combo featuring several hard punches to the face and gut, followed by a soaring uppercut in the air."

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ngg123453424d ago

Terrible Terrible voice acting.

thereapersson3424d ago

Yeah, the character voices are pretty bad. The announcer voice I'm used to seeing as how it's like that in a lot of fighting games.

Is it just me or do the faces look over-exaggerated?

Shane Kim3424d ago

God damn I hope you can turn off the commentators voice and change the character voices to japaneese.

byeGollum3424d ago

Its all about gameplay in SF

Shane Kim3423d ago

Well sure it is, but I can't stand having a bad commentator, commenting my every damn move.

Fishy Fingers3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Don't really like the art style, don't really like the voice acting, but the gameplay will rock and online or on the couch with a buddy or two, Street Fighter is going to be a riot. Day one.

rbluetank3423d ago

i will be getting the ps3 version. i already have my money down for this game.