IGN: Combat Wings: Battle of Britain Review

IGN writes: "Like most of the budget-priced games we've seen from Polish developer City Interactive, Combat Wings: Battle of Britain is decidedly imperfect. In this case, that imperfection manifests itself by way of erratic controller support, questionable design decisions, and a ridiculously tiny game manual. However, it's otherwise a darned enjoyable game and certainly City Interactive's finest air combat effort to date.

Make no mistake: this is an arcade look at air combat and as such likely won't impress anyone schooled in hardcore simulations where merely landing or equipping your plane with appropriate weaponry involves thought and practice. But – and this is the important part – it's quite simply a lot of fun. It looks great, it feels just realistic enough that you'll know you're in a World War II-era aircraft, and it offers so much action and keeps you so busy that you'll barely have time to digest all the insults coming your way from your trash-talking Nazi foes."

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