Rumor: 360 a footnote in Microsoft's CES keynote

It's sounding like the only "megatons" at Microsoft's CES 2009 keynote will be the volume of hors d'oeuvres served beforehand. According to TechCruch, the company will focus primarily on Windows 7, mobile devices and home networking, while Xbox 360 will barely get a mention.


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ThatCanadianGuy3512d ago

Look at balmers face !! I just want to FALCON PUNCH that S.O.B

InMyOpinion3512d ago

If you were strong enough to lift your arms you might have been able to do that. Maybe your mom could give you a hand too? Oh wait, she's busy lifting Ballmers 'RROD rocket'.

elorm93512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Caption for pic: "do it *bleep*got"

ThatCanadianGuy3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Im sure you know all about Balmers rocket..

Strong arms? I had no trouble helping your mother off her knee's
she had a mouthful.Not sure if she was talking to me tho,i wasn't the only one there :)

Obama3512d ago

RROD rocket? Jenzo must have seen what we haven't seen before. The xbots here seem to know the anatomy of Cliff B and Ballmer quite well I must say.

InMyOpinion3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Like Cliffy and Ballmer we share the anatomy of winners, not third place losers like yourselves.

Where was mommy & daddy when Howard Stranger invited you to his Home and forced you to rumble his Sixaxis? "This is mandatory, just like our filthy game installs!"

likedamaster3512d ago


"rumble his Sixaxis" LOL bubbs

morganfell3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

He has the anatomy of whiners, not winners. CliffyB is a little chicken chest wimp. I have run into 4 or 5 times here living not far from Epic Studios. He's a gimp little rat that uses his expensive car as compensation for his lack of anatomy.

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elorm93512d ago

Lets hope they got more at E3, because this is just disappointing.

happyface3512d ago

very sad, MS probably knows KILLZONE2 is coming and is afraid to show anything

chaosatom3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

We all knew that it will happen eventually.

Multiplatform games are now driving the 360. Not necessarily a bad thing, but having first party studios creating games is always good for long term.

JD_Shadow3512d ago

Unless they decided to buy up a PS3 exclusive to go multiplatform (which they're not many left that they can get to go multi now that they really went to THAT well one too many times).

See, I KNEW that practice would come back to bite them on the ass!

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

oh shhhhhhhnap i just thought of this:

how much do yuou think ms would drop down to aquire killzone2?

LOL....i know some of you hate me right now.

but wait,

Once they do(big IF), will kz2 run on the 360? LOL.

that would be crazy, because i dont think killzone 2 can run on the 360

chaosatom3512d ago

it can always run Killzone 1

GWAVE3512d ago

With all their 1st-party studios dropping like flies, what CAN they really announce? A $30 budget Halo title rushed out the door to grab sales (Bungie's own words; they want it to be a small spin-off)? GTA4 downloadable content? Halo Wars? The unlikely chance that Alan Wake comes out?

It's becoming more and more difficult to brag about the 360 being the console king of exclusives when...well...they aren't. Sony and Nintendo are continuing to churn out plenty of 1st and 2nd party titles a year whereas Microsoft seems to lose a few titles every year.

Just another sign that the Xbox 720 is soon to come and 360 owners will be dropped by Microsoft. Oh well.

Elven63512d ago

Why is this surprising anyone? It's always been like that, CES isn't a gaming oriented show so the target audience won't really be as interested compared to E3 or another gaming related event.

The Lazy One3512d ago

this made me giggle...

2009... HEY! that's now!

BLaZiN PRopHeT3512d ago

LOL its fing CES nothing big gets announced at CES for gamers. its the same sh1t every year. Gamers watch and hope for some news but get disappointed. Just wait for GDC. You know a conference about GAMES

Bladestar3512d ago

"... MS probably knows KILLZONE2 is coming.."

mm.. wow.. this does sound familiar...

"... MS probably knows [PS3] is coming.."
"... MS probably knows [LAIR] is coming.."
"... MS probably knows [Resistance] is coming.."
"... MS probably knows [Metal Gear] is coming.."
"... MS probably knows [LBP] is coming.."
"... MS probably knows [Home] is coming.."

haha!... don't you get tired? Kill Zone 2 will be just like all the above and will have similar impact to the xbox 360... which is NO impact...

So, please stop implying that Kill Zone 2 will some how do what Metal Gear could not do... destroy the xbox 360... and for Microsoft out of the industry...

"microsoft is running low on exclusive titles and price cuts." what a stupid assumption...

"price cuts" - Microsoft is making a profit on the hardware, have a lot more money than Sony at hand (cash) and is determined to beat the crap out of Sony (like they are doing) this generation. So, Microsoft dropping the price once again... not a problem.

"exclusive titles" - Gears 2 came out only months after Microsoft announced it. It's not typical of Microsoft (unlike Sony) to advertise projects that are not closed to deliver... that tends to over hype the games and usually hurts the game when it's finally released. Examples, "Too human, and many 3rd party games like Assassins Creed.." not to mention LBP, Lair, Haze, Home, and others.. that got hammered by the media or people simply got tired of hearing from them.

The xbox 360 is selling very well on existing game library... what would be the point on advertising games that will not hit the market in years?

That would only end up hurting the title since hype and expectations builds sometimes making it impossible to match causing the game to suffer in terms of sales.

I know Sony lovers are trying to show Microsoft have a disadvantage... but that is far from the truth... Just like Gears 2 that was in development Microsoft is currently developing games.

We all know Microsoft is working on Mass Effect 2... how come no official announcement? Does that means they are NOT working on it?

Have you seen Sony's announcements for the past 2 E3? dry! simply because they had nothing to announce.. since they announced all their projects in 2005.

Next week you xbox 360 haters will be disappointed when Microsoft announces something game related and Sony announces NOTHING.

JD_Shadow3512d ago

"We all know Microsoft is working on Mass Effect 2... how come no official announcement? Does that means they are NOT working on it?"

Umm...MICROSOFT is working on it?

Last I checked, Bioware and EA were the people behind ME, not Microsoft.

And the rumors about that game going multiplat just further kills your entire argument's cred from that alone.

Gambit073512d ago

@Blademaster: I'm just fascinated by your devotion, truly a work of art.

The Lazy One3512d ago

EA doesn't have publishing rights to anything in the mass effect universe.

It's Bioware/Pandemic and MGS that work on mass effect. EA gets rights if MGS declines publishing it though (which MGS would have to be dumb to do).

JD_Shadow3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

They published the PC version. MGS only did the 360 one (when Bioware was still independent, the EA takeover didn't happen until AFTER the 360 version released). There's no real indication that I'm aware of (it doesn't say anything on Wiki) as to who owns the publishing rights. I assume it was Bioware before EA acquired them, but it never actually brings that up as to who holds them.

AAACE53512d ago

So much negativity on a post about the 360... I don't get it?

It seems like Ps3 fanboys only like their games cause it gives them something to brag about!

Leading up to holiday 2008, Ps3 fanboys were boasting Resistance 2 and LBP as the games that would end all! Shortly after... No one even talks about R2, and there is barely any comments about LBP.

I hope Killzone 2 is that great gem the fanboys are hoping for, cause maybe if they have that, they can stop feeling like they have to compare themselves to the 360!

Ps3 is the most powerful console this gen... so why do you guys feel the need to compare to the 360.

I think we all know 2009 will be the Ps3's year, so I think you fanboys can take a break now!

Jazz41083512d ago

Come on, this is CES, it is not a gamer show and never has been. I live in Las Vegas and attend it every year. Its about introuducing all the hottest new tech devices for the coming year, not games.

gaffyh3512d ago

@Bladestar - You DO know that happyface is an xbox fanboy right? And last time I checked the Sony E3 conference was the BEST this year. You seem to be forgetting MS went all casual this year with the most crappiest games that make me wish I didn't have a 360 :(, if any f***wit actually bought You're in the Movies, they deserve to be punched in the face repeatedly.

Is Sony doing a conference at CES? (Although if they do it will probably concentrate on their OLED tvs)

Marquis_de_Sade3512d ago

I'm more than content with what both consoles bring us this year. All consoles have rough years, 2007 was poor for the PS3, 2010 will be poor for the 360, although Halo:ODST and Halo Wars will hopefully live up to the expectation. Luckily I have both consoles so I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

prowiew3512d ago

This was expected. CES was never a gaming megaton show.

THAMMER13512d ago

Could you be more bitter!?

Erotic Sheep3512d ago

Bladestar you're a noob. You make less sense than a chipmunk humping a turd.

Oh and FYI, its EA and Bioware making Mass Effect 2, well done. I did notice the only exclusive you could name now is Gears of War 2.. seriously are you so much in denial that you actually think Microsoft has more 1st party devs like Sony and Nintendo??

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360RRODFIX3512d ago

This guy has worst personality EVER! How can anyone give him job if beyond my mind

poopsack3512d ago

i know! who in the right mind would give steve jobs?

morganfell3512d ago

Is it just me or does Balmer remind everyone else of Matt Foley.

The Lazy One3512d ago

Pirates of Silicon Valley.

That shows how apple and M$ came to be, and it makes more sense after watching it.

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Arsenic133512d ago

He is the hybrid Jock and Nerd.

pp3512d ago

Well i wasn't expecting anything from CES so i won't be disappointed i'm looking forward to E3 2009.