How Fallout 3 Changed My Hate for RPGs

Gamerlimit writes "So for years upon years, I have loved gaming. I enjoy nearly every genre, although I do claim shooters as my favorite. There's something about shooters that have always claimed my attention. With shooters, the graphics may change and a few quirks may be thrown in but for the most part the games are the same.

You can continuously carry over your skills from shooter to shooter and feel right at home. That's not the same with other genres. Action games can be drastically different. RPG's all differ, at least to me. I guess the closest genre to shooters in the carrying over of skills is the new hype around music games. But for me, role playing games have always been my kryptonite."

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hippo243484d ago

Nice article i agree with it wholeheartedly. Wished it could of gotten GOTY, but well leave the dreaming for paper mario.