Amazon nukes Fallout 3 bundle prices today

Joystiq reports: "Today's Amazon "deal of the day" bombs the prices on several limited edition Fallout 3 bundles. For starters, the Fallout 3 "Collector's Edition" for the Xbox 360 has its price melted by 40% and is being sold for $50.

For those who really want the Vault-Tec goods, Amazon's exclusive "Suvival Edition" has been reduced by $20 for all available platforms ($110 for X360 and PS3; $100 on PC). The main difference between the two bundles is the Survival Edition's life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000. Sadly, it doesn't feature built-in GPS or a real-time medical readout like the one in the game."

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meepmoopmeep3397d ago

sooo... does this mean Fallout 3 "bombed"?

(pardon pun)

mintaro3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

It only bombed on the PS3.


solsub3397d ago

It has sold over 4 million copies across all platforms. It didn't bomb.


i actually may pick this up now.

between lbp, r2, gtp, warhawk, nba2k9, mgs4, killzone2 beta, midnight club and darkknight,wanted,ironman on bluray etc,etc, i havent had the time to give this a look.

my ps3 gets LOTS AND LOTS of playtime. IT has not malfunctioned or broke since 11/2006.

ilovetittys3397d ago

I really enjoyed playing this game on my ps3 a great buy and am still currently playing it to get all trophies

MelaDarkwood3397d ago

Too bad they didn't drop the price of the Collector's Edition for the PC.... I think the Survival Edition is overpriced. Oh well... =\

dragunrising3397d ago

With all the deals on Amazon these days it made me really think long and hard about early adopter syndrome...just got to have that game first day. Damn you Killzone 2...I won't be able to not buy you day one for anything.

If anyone here doesn't have Fallout 3 yet, now is the time folks. Excellent game btw.

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