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Sony's been working hard recently to convince us that the PSP is an all-singing, all-dancing portable device - it keeps releasing better versions of the hardware, not to mention what it's doing in terms of the PlayStation Store and the video on demand Go!View store.

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TrevorPhillips3510d ago

thats y i love my psp every update they bring out always turns out good :)

user94220773510d ago

Homebrew making it worse though, day by day

evilmonkey5013510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

for you maybe....but seriously, I don't think this is an issue because
the 3000 isn't cracked yet and not everyone has the expertise to do this to their psp... and you can do the same to your xbox don't see developers halting all their games for that platform, do you?

farhsa20083510d ago

psp is excellent, makes me wonder why people think of even buying a ds

Solbadguy3510d ago

with the PSP is that it easily gets scratched and begins to look bad after awhile if you don't manage it with top notch care. If it wasn't for that I would play the PSP much more than I do.