ButtonMasher: Killzone 2 Preview

Earlier in the year ButtonMasher previewed a build of the game that was obviously a work in progress, some things have changed, others remain the same, the end result is that Killzone 2 is definitely a lot closer to reaching a point where you could call it a finished product.

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sanamsingh3357d ago

Is the multiplayer just as intense, fun, and addicting as Call of Duty 4 was?

resistance1003357d ago

Yes, i found it more intense and did spend hours on it, and now i can't go back to COD4 because its just not the same.

And don't think im making seem better than it is, because i'm not. It really was that good.

Fishy Fingers3357d ago

"I am sure at some point a sniper rifle will eventuate as well as some sort of energy based weapon to fill out the game to what most shooter fans expect."

Umm.. Even I've seen the sniper rifle and a helgast lightning type gun. This dude played the beta code? Six levels, one of which has a large sniper section? And I know that from just a few videos let alone playing it!