Hooked Gamers: Wolfenstein Preview

The new game, aptly named Wolfenstein, is developed by Raven Software and its producer is Activision. Raven feels that since the original Wolfenstein 3D was released almost a generation ago that the new game should be simply called, Wolfenstein. The game is aimed at today's gamers who may not know about the franchise from the past. The developers also want a game that includes all of the elements that fans of the original have come to love from its past incarnations. Wolfenstein is slated for release sometime in 2009, probably near the end of the year. In classic id and Raven fashion they continue to say, "it'll be done when it's done".

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Cajun Chicken3483d ago

Is this the last game to use the Doom3 engine?

GrandTheftZamboni3483d ago

from first playing Wolfenstein 3D. That was probably my first game on PC.
Looking forward to this.

hippo243483d ago

Is there a word more intense then psyched...because if there is, I want to use it.