Gaming Nexus: Legendary Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I'll never forget the first time I saw Legendary in action. It was two years ago at Gamecock's off-site E3 event (EiEiO '06), held at the strangely beautiful Hotel California. It was in a small, hot hotel room where the developers were overjoyed to finally show the press what they had been working on. Unfortunately instead of giving us a test run, the Xbox 360 they were using kept freezing, crashing and ultimately getting the dreaded red ring of death. Perhaps that Xbox 360 knew something we didn't know, even back then. Because there were times while I played Legendary that I wished my system would red ring and relieve me from my suffering.

Legendary is a standard first-person shooter that is clearly inspired by the greats of the genre, especially Half-Life. You play Jack Deckard, a professional thief who is hired to steal the mythical Pandora's Box from a museum in New York City. Obviously something goes wrong along the way, because it wouldn't be much of a game if all you did was steal the box, get paid and go on with your life. Then again, while that would have been a boring premise for a game, at least it would have saved me from my pain and anguish."

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3480d ago

This game isn't so bad, it's a bit short and the graphics arn't the best, but the story and gameplay are good. IMO this game is a little underrated, and Dead Space is the most underrated game of the year.