ACG: Hal Barwood Interview

Currently, the adventure game genre is seeing a lot of spectacular comebacks. Among those fames is Hal Barwood, who is making a return to the genre with his first bona fide adventure game since Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis. The well-known LucasArts alumni and now freelance contractor with his own company Finite Arts, who in 1999 was named among the top 25 American game designers by PC Gamer, is again collaborating with his longtime colleague Noah Falstain on a historical fiction adventure game based on the escapades of the legendary female adventurer and spy, Mata Hari.

Recently, ACG has been granted an interview with the game's designer Hal Barwood. They ask him about the historical inspirations of Mata Hari, the motivations driving the game's heroine, and the game's unique mechanics that include a more advanced and streamlined point-and-click interface.

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