Killzone 2 demo exclusive to GameStop, public demo after game release

PS3 Fanboy writes: "The only way you'll be able to play Killzone 2 before the game's release will be through GameStop's exclusive pre-order campaign. No other demo for Killzone 2 will be released before the game's street date. Those that don't want to pre-order from GameStop will have to wait until after the game's release, as we've discovered from SCEA. "The demo will be available on the PSN after the game ships but only through GameStop until then.""

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TheHater3427d ago

What about Qore Subscribers?

kevoncox3427d ago

Sounds great.
Please give me bubbles. Some fanboys ate mines.

DragonWarrior465343427d ago

Qore was the biggest waste of time and money spent on anything game related in my life. I cant believe I fell for such a ridiculous gimmick. I stopped downloading them after the August issue. Veronica belmont is pretty cute, but not worth the price of 20 dollars. Jaffe's game sucked ass too. I would have rather just gave them money for an xbox live type of service.

King_many_layers3427d ago

it makes me wonder just how much Gamestop have payed to have this demo exclusive to them. Quite a bit I'm guessing.

I'm just a little peeved that Europe has been told nothing about the demo or such, once again we get the SCEE treatment.

I wish I was in america :(

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

lol."gamestop". i hate that fanboy cesspool. i was in beta, if you dont have a ps3 be prepared to buy one soon.

thereapersson3427d ago

@ DragonWarrior

It's a magazine, not an online gaming service...

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Hellsvacancy3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I pre ordered it on Amazon time ago, im not bothered about a demo i wanna play the full game, ive pretty much planned my day when Killzone 2 cums out

Book day of work - check
Get rid of the missis for the nite - check (she goin out with friends)
Big bag of smoke - pending but not a problem


SSCOOLCHEA3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I did the same shlt......but im taking the woman out to somewhere nice for V-Day so that she will leave me alone when I invade HELGHAN ...Visari is Dead v-day..............

When can we pick up the Demo? i paid for killzone2 at gamestop 2 months ago .

user94220773427d ago

Screw the Demo, We want the Game!

meepmoopmeep3427d ago

i'm getting BOTH


ultimolu3427d ago

I preordered online. :D
I could not pass this up.

INehalemEXI3427d ago

I have not yet but I plan to soon.

Oner3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Got my Rave card just a little while ago! ;)

Vagrant_13427d ago

I hate the way they resorted to giving us demos and betas these days. by forcing you to pre order etc.. I don't know if holding demo off til after release is good or bad?