PS3 More Popular Than Wii… For One Thing…

Digibattle writes: "No, this isn't an article about the PS3 being a superior paperweight/doorstop/other household item necessitating a weighty object. I'm not here to hate on Sony's console, especially since I own one. The battle for console supremacy has gone beyond having the best games. Now the quality of your add-ons, extra features and business partnerships matters.

Both the PS3 and the Wii offer a web browser as part of their functionality and this is where Sony is experiencing a small triumph. Both of their browsers support many popular sites such as Youtube but market research shows that the PS3 is being used more often to access the internet than the Wii."

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chaosatom3514d ago

yeah, wii is not really a online console.

and also
wii "internet browser has to be purchased"

MAR-TYR-DOM3514d ago

today is a REALLY slow day in news. Kinda reminds me of yesterday.... and the day before..... you know, come to think of it, N4G has been pretty bad for the last few months. Damn...

umair_s513514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Yeah...The days after the Xmas are usually pretty slow...But wait till KZ2 surfaces.

pansenbaer3514d ago

"...the PS3 browser has four one hundredths of a percentage point of the total ‘internet market’ while the Wii browser only claims a single hundredth of a percentage point."

Wow.....this is news?

ravinash3514d ago

Well I guess people still prefer to use their computers to web browse.
Might have something to do with the fact that my laptop has a keyboard.
Do you know how long it would take me to write this comment using the PS3 controller.

Voiceofreason3514d ago

Both the Wii and PS3 support keyboards. It has more to do with sites working in my case. Sure I can use them for some sites online but not every site and its just easier to use a PC where I know I can access any site or feature that the PS3/Wii might not support.

pansenbaer3513d ago

Lol at the disagree. I guess it is news that the PS3 takes "four one hundredths of a percentage point" in internet usage. Obviously the PC owns. At the folks below me. I hope you weren't trying to make a point or anything. I know how long it takes. Its cumbersome. I do have a keyboard so its not a big deal. But Firefox on PC FTW!