T2's Refusing Electronic Arts, One of the Worst Deals of 2008

Softpedia writes: "2008 was a year filled with quite a lot of transactions, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions in the whole entertainment industry. The gaming segment didn't escape this trend, and we've seen some very interesting moves on the market, as Tecmo merged with Koei, and Warner bought even more shares in Tomb Raider creator Eidos Interactive.

But one of the most important deals of 2008 in the gaming industry was Electronic Arts' offer to buy out Take Two Interactive. The large corporation was looking to take over the major IPs (Intellectual Properties) that the independent publisher held, like Grand Theft Auto or BioShock, but was turned down by Take Two, despite some very big offers."

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JasonX433515d ago

I praise T2 for turning down EA because they would've sucked the life out of the GTA series until the point nobody liked it any more!