Game Focus Review: Ultimate Band

Game Focus writes: "As everyone knows by now, rhythm games are essentially the gaming industries bread and butter. Rock Band and Guitar Hero have really brought a whole lot of people together with their games, and other developers have certainly caught on and tried to cash in. The latest effort is Disney Interactive and Fall Line Studio's Ultimate Band for the Wii. Now while most veterans of the aforementioned series' will likely scoff at the idea of a game that doesn't use peripherals to simulate rocking out, the younger or more casual rhythm gamer among us will likely have a fairly good time."


+ Guitar and drum play work well
+ Songs change depending on the gender of your singer
+ Interesting track list
+ Flourishes and Grandstands add a dorky fun factor
+ Story Mode family friend
+ Cut-scenes in Story mode make the game more engaging


- Cover songs aren't the best versions out there, even if the songs do change based on your singers gender.
- Frontman controls suck. Plain and simple.
- Bass controls are inconsistent.
- Repeating tracks using as different instrument to progress is tedious.
- Controls meant for a more accurate controller
- No mic?

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