Gamestop Courts the Female Demographic

With the Wii ushering in a new era of gaming for people who aren't adolescent and college kids, gamers may be surprised to see a sudden increase of real girls at their local Gamestop. The retailer is teaming up with feminine magazines for its "Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body" promotion.

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cain1413395d ago

I really don't think this is going to work on most people. Then again, it's probably a very cheap promotion to run.

James Abels3395d ago

Shes bashing Wii Ski like it ain't no joke

dannyhinote_133395d ago

When you're stores look like most GameStop's do, I don't think many females will want to go in. Probably a worthless promotion.

Tsalagi3395d ago

What's up with all Gamestops smelling like a locker room? I was in one a few days ago that smelled like someone p!ssed all over everything.

ThePimpOfSound3395d ago

I wonder if they'll try to pawn off that used game membership card on those poor, unsuspecting females.

cain1413395d ago

Look it comes in pretty colors...

Personally I doubt that anyone would fall for that except for parent who don't really pay attention

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