UK Top 40: FIFA Wins Again; Call of Duty: World at War Still Fighting

Rank - Title - Publisher
01. Fifa 09 - Electronic Arts
02. Call Of Duty: World At War - Activision Blizzard
03. Need For Speed: Undercover - Electronic Arts
04. Guitar Hero: World Tour - Activision Blizzard
05. Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games - Sega
06. Wii Play - Nintendo
07. Far Cry 2 - Ubisoft
08. Mario Kart Wii - Nintendo
09. Quantum Of Solace - Activision Blizzard
10. Sonic Unleashed - Sega

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PantherLotus3428d ago

This top 10 has looked the exact same since FIFA and CODWW launched, hasn't it? Or are you just not getting any games?

Ragamuffin693428d ago

dropped to half price, that helps

MAR-TYR-DOM3428d ago

if canadian #'s were posted you would see the same results except with nhl 09 (sports game of the year btw)

Darkseider3427d ago

10. Sonic Unleashed - Sega