Demon's Souls trophy list

1 Platinum
5 Gold
5 Silver
27 Bronze

Breakdown off the trophies after the jump.

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Jager3182d ago

38 trophies, not bad.

UNCyrus3182d ago

more importantly....

5 golds...

Gambit073182d ago

seriously, 5 gold > 25 bronze

UNCyrus3182d ago

that's not true at all....

5 golds = 30 bronze

2 bronze = 1 silver
3 silver = 1 gold

hence.. 1 gold = 6 bronze

Gambit073182d ago

What I'm trying to say is, a higher Gold count gives you more bragging rights then high bronze ones.

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360RRODFIX3182d ago

Some of those sound interesting

ThatCanadianGuy3182d ago

I've got my eye on this game...

Vagrant_13182d ago

Got my eye's on it as well. Might import the english version if they don't hurry up and announce US/EU release date soon


Paid for and ready for the experience come February. Don't count on a US/EU announcement any time soon. There's a reason they localized English in the Asian version...Import or bust!