BITMAPS 60: Dead Space - Best Horror Yet

Is the Dead Space brand of horror the best there is?

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ThePimpOfSound3512d ago

Haven't played it, but I heard the horror element wasn't that .. horrifying. I think it was Yahtzee that said it was all cheap thrills rather than true psychological scares.

chaosatom3512d ago

Best Horror game or not, the game is good.

italianbreadman3512d ago

Dead Space was put together well in terms of audio/visual presentation, but the characters all felt like they were made of cardboard to me. There was zero connection to the silent and sans-personality Isaac, and the enemies were mindless fodder for an arsenal of crazy, powerful "tools." Fighting these things felt like a day working on the railroad to me.

cain1413512d ago

I agree with you completly. The atmosphere was there, it just didn't connect with me that I should be scared...

Viewtiful3512d ago

I just feel Dead Space should be thought of as a creepy action game. It's at its worst moments when it tries to be scary, and at its best when it was a fast paced shooter/action game.

xaphanze3512d ago

Condemned is the best there is when it comes to Horror games. Dead space was scary though, but not the best out there.

Baba19063512d ago

siren was the scariest last year for me. that was really creepy... i enjoyed deep space a lot too. and got scared sometimes too.

James Abels3512d ago

I didn't play a lot of Dead Space, my accuracy with sticks its pretty bad with 3rd person shooters, But what I did play of the game the horror and gore was sweet!

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