What Parents Should Know about Safe Console Gaming

Now that you've unwrapped your kid's brand new Wii, Xbox, or PlayStation, there are several things you should know about keeping the tyke safe. The best advice, as usual, is that you should participate in their gaming activities. There is no substitute for the watchful eye of a parent, someone who can explain the different safety and content issues of gaming and teach your children how to handle them as they come up. Just like physical games (you know, sports), video games can be a great source of entertainment, wisdom, and pride for children-as long as children play them in a safe arena.

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creeping judas3507d ago

Good article. My 7year old plays Banjo and Kazooie. I will not let her play it via XBL though. Once she gets older and my son who is 3 now, will also want to play. I will be putting the parental control on for sure. But, then again if they cant play GTA9 : Seattle, in our home, they will find a way to play it some where else.