Best Buy holds new Xbox 360 sale starting at $19.99

Best Buy Co. Inc. stores on Sun. began holding a new game sale for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 that discounts titles as low as $19.99.

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3424d ago
KobeT243424d ago

Fracture for $20 nice.

kevoncox3424d ago

Sounds great.
Please give me bubbles. Some fanboys ate mines.

MAR-TYR-DOM3424d ago

i have no idea why you are posting this message on every topic. I think you are desperate. I know that you lose bubbles for making being a fanboy and also for spamming on N4G. You are approaching the ladder.

ReBurn3423d ago

The fastest way to lose bubbles is to beg for more.

Pheq3424d ago

Wow! Those are some great deals! For people who don't own Fallout or Halo already now would be a great time to pick them up. I highly recommend both.

I now have a reason to go pick up CoD:WaW, and I will definantley look into Fracture, 20$ is almost too good to pass up, even for an average title.

Thanks Best Buy for the great deals!

KR3W6193424d ago

I picked up Fable 2 for $45 a few days ago at Best Buy

stephen20053424d ago

At first I thought it was a new 360 console for $20....I was about ready to run out of the house to the nearest Best Buy as fast as possible...

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