Circuit City holds $14.99 PS3, Xbox 360, Wii sale

Circuit City Stores Inc. this week began holding a new game sale for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and Nintendo Co.'s Wii that discounts titles below $15.

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Pebz3429d ago

Once you trick a consumer into a store, his/her wallet is doomed regardless of whether you have the advertised offer or not.

"Oh, that mind come in handy some day!"

BGDad3429d ago

People need to lay off the crack its very bad for you.... Orange box isnt even worth 14 bucks...

JustinSaneV23429d ago

@ BGDad:

I'm sorry for your lack of a sense of value and quality.

Heldrasil3429d ago

@ 1.2
I am with you on this, compared to other titles, it just doesn't stand, especially graphically...The PC edition of HL2 looks much better, even on a scaled down system with a minimal video card.

Cheeseknight283429d ago

Team Fortress and Portal were worth the original $50 price tag.

f7897903429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Everything was the same as always. No good deals at all. Orange Box for PS3 might interest me though. Have it on PC but want portal on the PS3.

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boodybandit3429d ago

until I realized it wasn't the Force Unleashed. That would be a decent find for $14.99

Max Power3429d ago

i saw that also, and i was like "perhaps it'll be for ps3 also" but then i read the rest of the title and 360 only and got upset, but not as upset when i saw which game was on sale for the ps3, The Orange Box? from what i hear its not worth a tenth of that price.

JustinSaneV23429d ago

@ Max Power:

It's worth every penny... as long as you buy it on the PC.

jonthu3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

@Max Power:
The Orange Box not worth $15? It includes five (5) games that are better than any game you have played.

Max Power3429d ago

its not worth that price for the ps3, i mean i am sure the other versions of the game are great, but they chintzy on the ps3 port.

solsub3429d ago

Correction: 4 average games and HL2. Still worth the money though.

Cheeseknight283429d ago

You must have astronomically high standards if you think Team Fortress and Portal are "average."

Mc1873429d ago

I saw it used at Gamestop today for 54.99
Thats insane if it's used it should be like 49.99 IMO

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rbluetank3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

they have alot of old shool and recent school games for the 360/ps3. i picked up Dark sector $15.96/liar $8.96 for ps3. they had two or three year old games for both systems. it a recession and any cut we get is good. it was alot of good bypassed games to be bought at a good price. i will be going back soon to pick up the forgotten games of two or three years ago.

fyi!!! i am not even talking about ps2/xbox/ds/psp games that are selling for cheap!!! (halo1 for 10bones)

wwedx3429d ago

aww why no orange box for 360

JD_Shadow3429d ago

...Valve actually GIVES a sh!t about the 360 version.

They couldn't give two drops of PISS for the PS3 version (and yeah, it's THEIR fault ALONE, NOT EA's).

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