Blu-ray's Fuzzy Future

The biggest news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January was not the birth of a new product but the death of one.

A decision by Warner Brothers to withdraw support for the HD DVD video disc format sent shock waves through the electronics industry and appeared to hand the future of home entertainment to Blu-ray, a rival format.

The move set the stage for this year's Consumer Electronics Show, which starts Wednesday under the dark cloud of a recession and a sharp downturn in consumer spending. Nearly two million square feet of convention hall will be stocked with the latest mobile phones, portable music players, digital cameras and expensive flat-screen televisions.

But many eyes will be on Blu-ray, which for the first time has the floor largely to itself as the heir apparent to the DVD.

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rebirthofcaos3456d ago

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bu bu the blu ray is kicking dvd ass in a short term than the dvd that is not sarcasmn

Keele3456d ago

What the hell was that?

myothercar3456d ago

I can't decide if I agree or disagree, el-em-a-o

Sano643456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )


Genesis53456d ago

For me the future of BR is crystal clear. The best HD format on the market.

jadenkorri3456d ago

seems negative, ill read later, going out the door from work yay....IMMM FREEEEEEE.....

pixelsword3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Downloadable media is NOT the immediate future.

- You need an internet connection of at least cable for it to download at a reasonable rate. There are still a lot of places in America that still only have phone lines.

- People are whining about 5-15 min installs, so a movie downloading which hiccups lasts about an hour more or less at best, so that's a whole lot of sandwiches to make in comparison just to watch a movie.

- people in bad economic conditions like to sell things: how are you going to sell your downloadable movies?

- Downloadable movies and games will eat up a hard drive for those who are videophiles, so I doubt people are going to spend $100+ a pop for every hard drive they fill up.


I'm not saying DM is not the future, but it's not the present.

Just stop that stupidity.

Blademask3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )


But when does the doom materialize?

2 years, sony has sold 17+ million ps3 units, Had a better 2008 gameyear than 2007, and 2009 is looking even better than 2008. the second place competitor started a year early and only has shipped 24, and is significantly cheaper than the ps3.
Bluray is selling solidly, and even faster than DVD..

What year exactly does the 'doom' happen? is it in 2012 when the rest of the doom is happenening?

To me, all of these articles have no point, and are here to just say that they are feeling 100% stupid for thinking HD-DVD was going to be the way to go. So its just a "I dont like Sony or Bluray" article, with some numbers showing that in 2008 during a recession people without jobs don't want to budget in a 400 dollar gaming console. I just dont get where the end will be? Do these guys just continue the fud until the PS4? Then claim the PS4 will be doomed? Because the same people crying about the PS3, were the same people saying the PS2 was hard to develop for and that it was all over for sony then.

Remember when HD-DVD got paramount? "its OVER! lol..bluray is dead!"

(still loling at hd-dvd)

and anyone that can't tell the difference between a netflix codec, and bluray.. either has a terrible tv. Or is blind. Or both.

SL1M DADDY3456d ago

Anybody that says Digital DOwnloads will overtake it this time around is fooling themselves. In reality, digital downloads has at least another gen or two to take the lead and that is due in part to the internet and download bandwidths available now. As the net progresses and ISP's get better at what they do it will happen but Digital downloads will not over take BD this gen and they will never be the only option available. Digital Downloads for some time after taking the crown will have a physical counterpart available to those who like to have the copy on disc (of some sort). Sure the physical copy may not be the king when DD takes the throne in the distant future but it will be there.

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Parapraxis3456d ago

Another story who's writer doesn't know the facts.
DD is not a threat now, and won't be for several years.
The HD movies on Apple’s iTunes Store or Vudu just barely make the cut as being able to call them "HD", they are far below the 1080p resolutions that BD delivers.
The future is only fuzzy for the un-informed.
With digital conversion February 17, 2009 and falling HDTV/Blu-ray/Blu-ray player prices, the average consumers (as they did with DVD) will soon know more than enough about Blu-ray.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3456d ago

Hold on puts (HD version of Aliens on pause over Netflix) I'm sorry what was that?

Parapraxis3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

"Netflix's HD streams are available in 720p and are encoded using VC1 Advance Profile L2 and stream at 2600kbps and 3800kpbs, a substantial increase over the standard definition stream rates of 375, 500 and 1000 kilobits."

"- we judged the 60fps content as too expensive of bandwidth for now. In general, these encodes are definitively better than SD, but won't challenge well-executed Blu-ray encodes - that would require a bitrate out of reach for most domestic broadband today. We believe Moore's law will drive home broadband higher and higher enabling full 1080p60 encodes in a few years."

Lower bitrate and NOT 1080p. Even Netflix says B-D can't be challenged by their streaming HD content.

Blu-ray - Data transfer rate (video/audio)
54.0Mbps (1.5x)
Video resolution
1920×1080 (1080p)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3456d ago

High definition starts at 720p, 1080i, and 1080p and in 2015 there will be 2160p 1080p is not the only HD standard, and is still a minority in the HD market. There are 1080p video on demand services already available, Dish Network sas hi...:)

Sorry... ^^^ all true

Le Idiotce3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Not only is it not true HD, the settings are also way inferior than the market alternatives.

You get to do all that for a mere 3-4 buck, the movie gets deleted automatically after 1 or two watches.

So keep telling yourself how you are actually watching the movie in the highest setting and highest quality when I can get the Blu Ray alternative (VASTLY superior) for a mere 20 bucks.

But whatever makes you sleep better at night.

3456d ago
3456d ago
dazzalfc3456d ago


'Does Research'

'Finds out they offer to the US only'

Well, that helps the billions of others across the globe, doesnt it?
As i said about DD, until a service such as these are feasable globally, then a disc based media for owning content is always going to be the number one choice. I have Sky+ HD here in the UK, and while the HD quality is very good, its still not near what Blu-ray or HD-DVD offered, both in visuals and in sound.

Le Idiotce3456d ago

I picked Blu Ray two years ago.

You picked HD DVD and then tried again by picking DD.

Currently HD DVD has been dead, buried, dug up, kicked, buried again and DD is nowhere to be found.

Conclusion: I win, you lose.

Im more "expert" than you are.

Montrealien3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

meh, I can deal with HD gaming on my PS3 being 720p even for the biggest first party titles, I`ll deal with HD movies of anysort DD/BR/Digital cable. I love how we are not picky for the games for HD, but when it comes to movies....stop the press! 1080p is de real HD all! And BR is the only place in town to get HD 1080p movies....for evvvaaaarrrr!

myothercar3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

^ I'd rather have a gorgeous game like Killzone 2 in 720p than have the lighting and effects downgraded so it can run in 1080p.

With Blu-ray movies there is zero performance tradeoff upgrading to 1080p. It's pure superiority. Of course, if you're limited in bandwidth (like digital downloads will be for years to come), a 1080p video will be bit starved compared to 720p, so there will be more compression artifacts, so you'll need more bitrate. That tradeoff doesn't come up with Blu-ray because you can go as high as about 40mbps with Blu-ray, so it's a near carbon copy to the actual film source regardless of what resolution it's in.

Fanboy Slaughter3456d ago

Hold on Jason 360 (puts Dark Knight Blu-ray on pause, mutes 7.1 surround sound).

Sorry, I couldn't hear your butthurtedness over my 7.1 FullHD sound, sorry if it's muting out your crappy streamed sound.

By the way, being an MS beta tester just means you're an eternally replaceable corporate bottom feeder. So I would suggest not liking the smell of your own farts too terribly much.

*goes back to Dark Knight blu-ray and turns the surround WAY up to drown out inferior low-quality streamed movie sounds simultaneous with faint sounds of crying and fart-sniffing*

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dazzalfc3456d ago

DD will not happen for a long, long time. Til the internet 'globally' is upto a standard that can accept movies being downloaded or streamed in a quality to match blu-ray, then maybe, but given the issues surrounding how i own something i've downloaded compared to buying a physical product, i imagine many will stick to a disc based media, with DD supported that by a small percentage

GrandTheftZamboni3456d ago

In addition to quality that you mention, there is also a cost of downloading. That's on top of rental fees. DVD quality movies are 4-5 GB in size, 720p more than that. Lossless compression should help there, though. Anyone has an idea how large is an average movie in 720p?
Some internet providers are limiting downloads and charging extra for downloading over the limit. In my case, it's about 50 cents/GB.

Montrealien3456d ago

DD is here already, I have a digital cable box that feeds me 100`s of movies and games at the push of a button, a PS3 that has a movie store, a 360 that has a Videostore, Itunes, Netflix...I mean why do people keep on saying DD wont be for a long time, when it`s already freakin here!

I love blu ray, and I know it has a bright future, but come guys, DD is here, and here to stay. Deal.

dazzalfc3456d ago

Sorry, i should have been abit clearer un my statement.

I meant in terms of the format of choice. DD has been around for a while now, the only problem is that its not upto a good enough standard for a high percentage of people to consider it a replacement of anything that may be disc based, whether its DVD or Blu-ray. Again, it may benefit some now, with those who have lightning fast broadband connections with no download limits and who aren't that fussed about the whole 'owning' issues and are happy to have a digital collection instead of physical, but for me, and alot of people, Bluray or DVD is by far the better option, simply because of the many advantages it holds, whether it be owning a physical product, having the ability to sell it on or lend to friends, or the fact its instant.

It'll become popular, no doubt about that. You only have to look at whats happening with music to see its popular to download something, but it'll (for a while yet) always play second fiddle to CD, all because of the many advantages it holds

OSIRUSSS3456d ago

I agree Montrealien. I love Blu but its always good to have choices. Upscaling,HDDD,And Blu. I hope none of them go away anytime soon.

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myothercar3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Digital downloads are stuck in the "rental" queue for now. For purchasing, Blu-ray is the hands-down preferred HD avenue. I just don't think the internet connections are ready. And also, this guy's crazy if he thinks discs will be completely gone in the next few years. Few years, meaning 10-15 years, maybe. But I don't know, when I buy a game off PSN I feel like I'm screwing myself over because if I don't like the game I can't sell it. I'm stuck with it. Also, I can't shop around for sales, or buy used downloads from eBay. I'm just uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Downloadable HD also takes up a ton of space. And if they decide to just store everything server-side, that means you're downloading gigs and gigs of data every time you watch a movie. With download caps it can limit your enjoyment. Also, if you have a very fast cable connection you can probably stream in realtime, but everyone else is buffering. Also, the bitrates that are low enough for realtime streaming render a video that is noticeably blocky. During the average scene with zero action going on, the bitrate might be about 3mbps and the grain just looks like faint splotches. Whereas on Blu-ray, that same scene would be 25-30mbps, with grain looking like grain.

ANOTHER disadvantage of downloads is that you don't get extras.

ANOTHER is that there are so many different services out there, it can be confusing for most consumers just like HD DVD vs Blu-ray.

I think the average consumer is just not ready for this kind of change.

Also, Blu-ray is selling at the same pace as DVD, which was hailed as being the most-quickly-adopted format (by a landslide) compared to VHS, CD, color TV, etc etc. And that's pretty good considering the first 18 months was held back by a nasty format war, and the economy has been on a downward trend, AND the only way to enjoy Blu-ray is if you have an HDTV (compared to DVD, which was a leap in quality and playback convenience over VHS regardless of your TV).

JasonPC360PS3Wii3456d ago

Some do offer extras, do some research.

myothercar3456d ago

WHO offers extras, and what are they like?

Montrealien3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

he said do the I`ll help, click this magical link and ask it a question..

myothercar3456d ago

I Googled before I asked. "digital downloads" "deleted scenes" brings up a lot of pages where people criticize digital downloads for not having deleted scenes and commentaries. Funny how the search engine you directed me to goes AGAINST what you are trying to prove.

Montrealien3456d ago

that's what we call selective reading sir...Stop pretending it aint there, it's everywhere, and its the future!

note:I love Blue Ray movies also, who the f*ck am I?

Godmars2903456d ago

Stop being a d**k and give some legitimate links to back up your point.

JackBauerIsHIGH3456d ago

I just love it how you ignore the majority of his argument and skip to one thing where there has been few instances of in the past.

I download movies but as of right now DD is nothing but rentals. It will not replace BD anytime soon and anyone who does not see that is a blind fanboy through and through.

myothercar3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

It's everywhere? Then why am I not finding it? I tried my best within reason, but I was on pace to spend hours tinkering with different combinations of search terms. And that's just silly when someone like you could just say what service it is. There could be one out there with extras, no doubt- but face it: you didn't know what it was. If you did, you'd have simply told me the first 2 times I asked for it. You're only replying to me because you wanted to defend Jason 360.

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