Disappearing Act: What Happened to Sixaxis?

Greedy Raven writes, "From the very beginning, Sixaxis motion controls on the PlayStation 3 have constantly been under scrutiny. The complaints have not so much been that the hardware doesn't work, but instead that games aren't able to incorporate the motion controls into a fun game play experience. In game review after game review, critics shame developers for even trying to make motion controls an important part of the game play. It is so bad that now that if a game chooses to feature the motion controls at all, it is only as an option buried away under an obscure menu entry.

What happened? After all, the console leading the way this generation is the Nintendo Wii, which last time I checked, was built around the concept of implementing motion controls into gameplay. Surely PlayStation games can utilize the motion sensor features in a similar manner to the Wii, while still appealing to the hardcore crowd..."

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CrAppleton3478d ago

Sixaxis was a cheap gimmick where Sony did nothing more but try to copy the Wii's success

bgrundman3478d ago

I would like to think that Sony had more of a plan in mind than ripping off the Wii... but if you were an outside observer, it could definitely appear that way

ammonator3478d ago

LittleBigPlanet anyone? That game uses six-axis, not as a control scheme but it's fun nonetheless.

Cajun Chicken3478d ago

Gotta love slapping a friends Sackboy in the face.

Capt CHAOS3478d ago

Do you not remember Sony showing that dreaded boomerang and in desperation once Nintendo announced their system, announced a controller based on the ps2 controller with.. Motion control. Minus the rumble... ??

Danja3478d ago

except that the Boomerang controller looked pretty cool..:D

Homicide3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I hated it. It always felt like it was going to break. DualShock 3 is better.

I want to see more implementation on the motion sensing. Did R2 even have it?

Amnesiac3478d ago

Yeah RFOM and R2 both have uses for the sixaxis, when an enemy tries to bite your face off, you shake the controller to get them off, same as when you are on fire.

Sickr3478d ago

How can anyone possible disagree with the aforementioned statement?

The Sixasis is an awfully designed gimmick and I'm pleased that developers have dutifully decided not to force its unwieldy play schemes on the user.

jadenkorri3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

ya topgeareasy, we all know, but don't forget the mind set of a 360 Fanboy, MS created and started Avatars, despite coming out after the Wii and Home, Home was long out before MS released theirs, it was just a closed Beta... Oh well, wonder what MS and 360 fanboys will claim next...

@ Sickr
did you not play Lair, as annoying as it was when i first played it with the sixaxis, once you get used to it, its freaking amazing, WarHawk uses it too, however using anologs in that game for me was required, but lair, could of been great had it not been rushed, but the control was done well... had they had the option to use analog, i would 100% guaranteed to have used it rather than the six axis, but thanks to lair and being forced, even with analog, still play lair with six axis...

Lastly, what do you think would have happend had Wii offered a standard controller, like the Gamecube controller as an example, along with the motion controllers, we still would be using that controller as the motion controllers wouldn't be appealing as a regular controller...sometimes being forced, is the only way to move forward...

gonzopia3478d ago

Dualshock 3 contains SIXAXIS. It's not used in every game, but I'd rather have it than not, because I've seen a few really cool uses for it... namely the flying in Warhawk, the arrows and thrown objects in Heavenly Sword, and the ability to shove a creature off you in Resistance.

It has it's place, if used sparingly and in the proper manner.

Bob Dole3478d ago

Bob Dole likes the reloading by pulling the controller up in Army of Two. It really helps to not have to take your thumb off the analog stick to reload. Bob Dole thinks every FPS on the PS3 should have this feature.

cmrbe3478d ago

and the PS3 were launched basically together. There is no way on earth Sony could have copied the wii controller in less than 3 months.

MazzingerZ3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

the DS3 has Sixaxis so they didn't go anywhere...I think it's a great feature in some games, they are always optional (Lair the only exception now patched) Warhawk is way easier to fly by using the Sixaxis.

Good use of Sixaxis:
- Folklore
- Warhawk
- Heavenly Sword
- Ratchet & Clank: TOD
- Super-Rub-Dub (PSN)
- Toy HOME (PSN)
- High Velocity Bowling (PSN)

...which other I missed? I need some help here people!

...ohhhh yes, I'm looking forward to see how GOW3 utilises them

motts3478d ago

It was so useful in Uncharted too when you needed to throw long grenades. It was much faster and easier to adjust the distance with sixaxis than with the analog stick. im kinda pissed it's gone in the next one

sloth4urluv3478d ago

So sony didnt rip off the wii they ripped off pelican?

na2ru13478d ago

Glad someone out there in this world appreciated the grenade mechanics in Uncharted like I do.

littletad3478d ago

It reminded me of the time my older relatives were playing tetris and frantically waving the Nintendo controller thinking the motion would steer the block in that direction.

Motion sensing isn't really a must have feature for the hardcore gamer, at least in my opinion. It's a gimmick and I'm glad Sony never mandated the use of it on it's games.

Powertesties3478d ago

I like to think later this year we will see better uses of the technology Sony has placed in it's controllers. There is possibility is there but it really is up to the developer to utilize this technology. So far, no one has really used to it to the level of playability.

blackpanther253477d ago

Reloading with the sixaxis should be implemented into every fps. I believe it is in GTA IV as well.

pixelsword3477d ago

...BKA the "power glove"

The PS1 version of the sixaxis made by pelican, was in essence the sixaxis... which, if I'm not mistaken allowed SONY to use the technology.

ButterToast3477d ago

I completely Agree with you.

I just bought Lair recently and I can't figure out what everyone was B!tching about. The sixaxis controls work amazingly well once you get use to them and like you I would never play Lair with the analog controls. I wish they took an extra few months though to make transitions smoother and fix a few graphical problems.

After playing the game and looking back on the reviews and the bandwagon hate the game received I'm not only disgusted with the review sites, but have also come to the conclusion that lair is one of the most underrated games ever. It's not perfect but its definitely underrated.

And you know 90% of the people bashing this game never even played it.

Kudos to you for your comment on Lair.

paul-p19883477d ago

Pain used it aswell, and i think its really good on that. Come to think of it, so did Super Rub a Dub, and i thought that was really well done aswell (kinda similar to the Wiimote in many respects that)

RumbleFish3477d ago

I love playing Motorstorm and Motorstorm PR with the tilt controls. It's a whole lotta fun! And with SOCOM it's a great feature as well. I think it's OK, not to force anybody to use it, but it's allways great, to have the opportunity to use it.

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Cajun Chicken3478d ago

Ahem...Flower? Killzone2 using it to snipe? I'm sure it will be used to full potential with God of War 3 as that series uses EVERY BUTTON on the controller back on the PS2 and PSP.

bgrundman3478d ago

That is true! I hope that some of the more skilled developers start implementing it more seamlessly into gameplay, instead of using it a minigame gimmick.

CrAppleton3478d ago

You're right.. there have been implementations of sixaxis control throughout games.. but none have been significant.. and few have been worth using..

Danja3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

they dont play PSN games so they wouldn't know...

edit: wats with the dis-agrees...all I was saying is that alot of PSN games uses the six-axis very obviously the person who wrote this dont know what they are talking about..

Cajun Chicken3478d ago

Ratchet and Clank Future use it pretty well too. I hope Insomniac don't drop it in the next game like most developers appear to.
I'm slightly disapointed in Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2 should use it somewhere from what previews say, they aren't.

bgrundman3478d ago

I wouldn't worry about uncharted 2 yet, considering it is still in development. If it is still at that status in a few months, then you might have room to worry.

Pennywise3478d ago

I'm sorry, but flipping the controller up to reload is the best use of the Sixaxis. This should be used in all shooters.

Bob Dole3478d ago

THANK YOU! You beat Bob Dole to the punch. Not having to move your thumb off of the right analog stick to reload is superb.

pixelsword3477d ago

...and it was use pretty okay, Then Motorstorm; but the game that made me fall in love with the Sixaxis was this one:

Then Heavenly Sword used it very well in so many ways that they made the word "aftertouch" stick.

Lair was another good use (Yeah, I'm one of the ones who "got it": not to brag, but I'm #69th best on Lair Worldwide last I checked.

There are many other examples, but the controls have to be used to fulfill it's potential, not whine about what it is or isn't. The Sixaxis is very useful in capable developer's hands.

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bgrundman3478d ago

I think that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of Sixaxis controls. Gamers and reviewers just need to give it a fair chance before saying it doesn't work.

ButterToast3477d ago

ya I've seen so many gamers cringe upon hearing the word sixaxis.

resistance1003478d ago

It has been used well in some games, with heavenly Sword and FlOw being the ones which stand out the most.

Also Killzone 2 uses it's well for the sniping

bgrundman3478d ago

I look forward to the chance to test that out!

CrAppleton3478d ago

I'm VERY interested to see how well it works with KZ2 and sniping.. But I have yet to see a MUST HAVE use for it.. I think it's nice to have available.. just a gimmick.. that's all

bgrundman3478d ago

To each their own I guess...

mfwahwah3478d ago

Uncharted, loved it for the grenade throwing and the lean back jumps.

NBA 2K8, loved it for free throws

MGS4, loved it for shaking off my camo

I mean, these are all very small and simple uses, but they go so damn far for what they're worth.

To me at least

By the way, I don't like motion control, but I can definitely appreciate it when it's used well.

bviperz3478d ago

You can also use it (in SP) to lean in/out of cover.

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Fishy Fingers3478d ago

Two articles concerning sixaxis in one day? Either way, the accelerometers used in the sixaxis are not really sensitive enough to have as a default method of control (Example, Lair) like the Wii. But personally, I've experienced plenty of good examples of sixaxis that help "benefit" the experience, LBP, Ratchet & Clank, Heavenly Sword etc (I could go on) and I like some future uses I've seen such as KZ2 and using it to open vents or what ever.

Sixaxis has plenty of fun and practical applications which some devs have utilized extremely well. If sixaxis is used in "larger" applications (WarHawk planes or whatever) then as long as it's optional it's great, some like it (turn it on), some dont (turn it off), they're giving you the choice.

CrAppleton3478d ago

I will give you that looking around with your guy in LBP is a cool feature.. but it doesn't add to the gameplay at all

Fishy Fingers3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I disagree, plenty of times I've found myself chuckling at the sporadic head movements or the random pelvic gyration. To me, that means it benefited the experience, it's funny.

CrAppleton3478d ago

I agree with that.. It is funny and makes for great online fun with friends.. but I still say it doesn't actually improve the GAMEPLAY

Sarcasm3478d ago

I think SIXAXIS should always remain optional. When you have no option to turn it off, then it will end up like Lair.

thor3478d ago

I don't think it's good when it gives you the option to use it or not; because it's ALWAYS easier to go without. If they had online servers set up dedicated to motion control that might be good, so you know everyone is forced to use it. But I think it's best relegated to a simple function; for example, Motorstorm 2 uses it to right your vehicle if you're in the air to get a better landing. It's not optional, but it's not something that's particularly hard to do so it doesn't frustrate. Then of course there's Super Rub-a-Dub, Flow and suchlike.

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