Microsoft "will not be using Home"

Microsoft has dismissed reports that it's planning to use Sony's PS3 virtual world Home to host business meetings.

"Microsoft will not be using Home as a tool for virtual meetings," the company told us following a recent report to the contrary.

Last week GAAP claimed MS would be one of a number of big companies using Home for meetings in a bid to reduce costs and carbon emissions, but according to the platform holder it's perfectly capable of staging its own virtual bashes.

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Death3427d ago

I'm shocked that Microsoft will continue to use Microsoft Office and Live Meeting for this. I thought for sure the lifelike 3d avatars would be better than a Live feed and data sharing.


sak5003427d ago

Hmm from company which gave us MSN Messenger with Video/Voice capability would want to buy rival console for using at official meetings? Never sounded legit from the start, just like ps3 having 4d gaming.

GiantEnemyCrab3427d ago

We need to go back and look at this site that reported this originally. They've just lost a lot of credibility in my book.

I laughed when I saw the original article and surprised that anyone believed it.

Obama3427d ago

Sak do u know what 4d means? Seems to me that you have no idea what it actually stands for.

InMyOpinion3427d ago

Is 4D when you present pre-rendered trailers at gaming events and then tell the audience that everything was in-game graphics?

poopsack3427d ago

no jenzo 4d is when you do that, get bashed for it, and then shut everyone the hell up when your game actually looks like that.

Fishy Fingers3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Ah the old "4D" nugget. People love to bring that one up, and while it was a funny choice of words and probably should have been described better, technically, it is a reality/possibility.

3D graphics = length, width & depth
4D graphics = length, width, depth & >time<

Like is said, the name is stupid, but the theory is sound and something I'd like to see in the future. Wouldn't you like to see an evolving world? Fresh with change.

Techie >

4D, from a developers point of view, is is the progression of Life in time. It is where every tangible object in your game is living and constantly changing. As a result, change becomes an integral part of 4D graphics.

The answer is the dynamic rendering of procedural textures. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. Let me explain; Procedural textures are textures which are linked to an algorithm. Instead of the texture being drawn pixel by pixel, you define the way these pixels have to be lit to produce the texture you want

Fishy Fingers3427d ago

Second video

(Oh yeah, sorry, went off topic, got carried away)

The Lazy One3427d ago

So since Microsoft has braid... it actually has 5D gaming... Length Width Height Time and Time^2... :-o

@knavex With a half decade and 60 million dollars (reported at the beginning of last year) I think you could make a lot of games look that good.

Fishy Fingers3427d ago

LOL... Nope, no procedural textures there (great game though). No games use the tech yet, but maybe one day.

S1CKLY3426d ago

Great explanation there fishy, but don't waste your breath on these morons... they will never get it.

The Lazy One3426d ago

I didn't read the second half of your post.... MY BAD. I was just making a joke. Do agree about procedural textures/effects though. Back when I was into 3d modeling etc. I always tried my hardest to use only engine generated assets. With a little extra work you could get some astounding results. The real future of games isn't in textures etc. It's in making a world, and having the engine do what would normally be considered texture work for you. That's where the big leaps are going to be coming. EXCITING FUTURE!

I forgot it was a 2d game, so I guess that means it's still 4D in the unconventional way.

Elven63426d ago

This story seems to be blow out of proportion, probably someone like Major Nelson telling a buddy to hope onto Home to check it out during their meeting and somehow the media makes it look like Home meetings are a staple at Microsoft.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3427d ago

I think most people even PS3 fans know MS is more than capable of holding buisness meatings in thier own way.

Mr_Bun3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

As long as the audio for their meetings doesn't come via their Zune player

pansenbaer3427d ago

Holy crap! I agree with something Jason 360 said! Really, people would have to be morons to think Microsoft would use Playstation Home for ANYTHING! It's Microsoft! Software giant of the world! I'm sure they know how to make their own meeting stuff.

PimpHandHappy3427d ago

the only reason they even talked about it was so they could tell you why it sucks!

why would they even think about it in the 1st place?!?! Im sure they dont pay 50bucks a year for

but really
online meetings are not something new and HOME wont top a web cam and TV for a face2face

creeping judas3427d ago

I hate video confrences!! Because the moderators can see you falling asleep as they talk. At least with phone confrences you were able to rest your head.

Now if I had to do that in HOME, I would want to just do the running man throught the moderators speach!!! So no using HOME for virtual confrences is not a good idea.

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