Washington's Chief Game Lobbyist Reveals Gaming Habits

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Last month, during a C-SPAN appearance, Entertainment Software Association president Michael Gallagher named the games he likes playing - and showed love for a DS game almost no one talks about.

Thank goodness my mom has a DVR. And that I visited her for the holidays. She recorded ESA president Michael Gallagher's December 5 appearance on C-SPAN interview show "The Communicators," during which gaming's chief advocate in Washington told his interviewers what the industry does and doesn't want from the government.

'We believe our story is a good one,' Gallagher told C-SPAN's Pedro Echevarria, emphasizing the proliferation of E and T-rated games, the booming business of publishers in this recession era and the ESA's successful defense against states' attempts to legislate content in games."

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