5 Reasons Why HD DVD Owners Should Go Blu

Format War Central writes: "With just a few days to go before the one year anniversary of Warner's shocking decision, we figure it would be a good time to highlight why those still holding onto HD DVD.."

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PirateThom3514d ago

How petty must you be to adopt HD DVD and then shun HD media when Blu-ray wins?

Wizeguy213514d ago

Because it's your only choice for a physical HD copy of a movie! :-(.. But don't worry, this time Its only 1 choice, AND the format will be out longer than a year! haha!

Elven63514d ago

HD DVD sales have still been pretty strong according to some recent reports because its dirt cheap now and liquidators were buying up stock left and right.

Their are people out their who supported HD DVD but are waiting for either cheaper prices or a better 2.0 player that's not the PS3.

Bnet3433514d ago

This isn't even beating a dead horse, it's taking a dead horse, hanging it by the ceiling and playing pinata with a barbed wired bat.

jlemdon3514d ago

I've always been in the Blu, I have a 360 & PS3 so I would always watch the movies that were available for Hd-dvd at the time then watch Blu-ray movies.:)

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DavidMacDougall3514d ago

Because they have cried all there tears?

Danja3514d ago

because they really have no other choice if they want an HD Format..XD

Elven63514d ago

@ Danja: Their are alternatives, HD VMD, CBHD, etc are all plausible alternatives if someone REALLY wants to avoid Blu Ray.

Ju3514d ago

No they are not. None of these players is available in any major retail store.

ChampIDC3514d ago

Ju, that's why he said REALLY. If somebody wants to avoid Blu-ray that badly, they could with a little extra effort than going to your local retailer.

Boink3514d ago

the best alternative is free HD from the net.

benn enjoying for months now, no expensive player and no expensive discs to buy.

MazzingerZ3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

1 reason...HD DVD is dead, gone, don't find HD DVD here in Scandinavia, those sections at any retailer/webstore have been renamed from "HD format" to 'Blu-Ray'

The day Blu-Ray was declared winner it reached news papers, TV, reached the masses hence the average Joe...before that only 5% of the people knew there was a "HD war" going many of them don't even know there was a format called HD DVD nor care...Blu-Ray = HD for them as you find it anywhere unlike LaserDisc after it came out.

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PoSTedUP3514d ago

because HDDVD stopped production... no moor new hideff movies coming out on HDDVD. : (

Elven63514d ago

One just came out a few weeks ago, it was Scottish horror film I believe. P2 IIRC.

-GametimeUK-3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Elven6... Dark Knight wants you!

(edit) @elven6... haha nice one :-)

Elven63514d ago

I have Blu Ray, actually I have both formats! :D

Milky Joe3514d ago

Number 1: You're backing a dead horse... moron...

Elven63514d ago

Your point? HD content is HD content regardless of whether the format is still available predominantly in stores.

Fishy Fingers3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Elvan, yes but why continuely invest your money in an all but obsolete product. What happens when your player dies, what you gonna do with your HD collection then, bin them or sell them for pennies? Better to cut your loses now and adopt BR.

Also, still available in stores? No store I've been in. You cant get any new releases.

Milky Joe3514d ago

My point is that if you want to continue to expand your HD library with future releases, you're going to need to move to Blu-Ray.

...It was a joke...

AdolfBinBush3514d ago

dead horse has many uses.. the least they can do with it is poke it.

Milky Joe3514d ago

Yeah, but at least with a dead horse you get that satisfying squelch. Here you'll just get a plasticy tap, which is no fun at all.

tordavis3514d ago

I buy both. I opted for The Ultimate Matrix on HD-DVD because it was half the price of Blu-Ray but the same quality. There are tons of HD-DVD players available and if you are really worried about not finding one if yours breaks, get the Samsung HD-DVD/Blu-Ray combo player. HD-DVD rocks and I can buy movies on the real cheap at I support both formats.

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guiltyspark3514d ago

5 reasons why hd dvd owners should go blu ray?

hell , i can give you one reason

hd dvd is dead

stop promoting your silly site

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