Getting your Wife into Gaming

Loot Ninja writes:

"My wife has never really been a big gamer. She used to play the NES way back in the day, but things pretty much feel off after that. It picked up again slightly when I got my DS Lite and a copy of New Super Mario Brothers, but that didn't last too long. Now, she wants to get into playing a bit more since I spend so much time playing and writing about video games."

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fiercescuba3514d ago

She should get into the Sybian.

drunkpandas3514d ago

Not sure that's the kind of gaming she's looking for, but I'll make sure to suggest it :)

fiercescuba3514d ago

I bet you wish she used the power glove on your beanbag.

taz80803514d ago

Animal Crossing or SIms is always a good segue into gaming or you can throw her in the deep end and get her hooked on WoW.

drunkpandas3514d ago

I don't think WoW will make the cut... I don't feel like paying monthly subscription fees for her gaming just yet...

JeffGUNZ3514d ago

My wife loves Scene it!, I personally hate it, but I know women love movies/trivia/gossip, and that game has it all. My wife also enjoys Rock Bank or American Idol Karoke. You might also want to try sid meirs Civilization Revolution...She loves that game.

emazzuca3514d ago

Mario Kart,

I am telling you, women love this game.

Also, Any co-operative game is your best bet.

caffman3514d ago

COD.waw, COD4, Gears of war, MGS, rock band and too many more to list!

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