Loot Ninja's Adventure with a Broken Wii

Loot Ninja writes:

"You might have already read that my poor Wii has gone to the land of broken consoles. I get her shortly after launch and she left this life entirely too soon. Actually, you might call it a bit too late since my warranty was expired.

After deciding that, for me, 2009 would be the year of the Wii, I picked up all the cables and connectors necessary to setup the Wii in my office, where I spend most of my time. After about an hour of shuffling surge protectors, cabinets, and cables, I got everything hooked up and ready to rock. At that point, I brought the Wii up from downstairs and hooked her up. As soon as I booted it up, I could tell something just wasn't right. On the Wii Menu, I was seeing flashing/flickering pixels all over the place in what seemed like a random pattern. So then I started my investigation."

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fiercescuba3361d ago

I wonder if they have a Wii coffin.

drunkpandas3361d ago

Nope, you had to provide the box yourself. Nintendo emails you a FedEx shipping label. You pack it up and drop it off. Can't say what the return shipping box is yet...

drunkpandas3361d ago

Was very pleasantly surprised at Nintendo's Customer Service, especially after dealing with Microsoft on multiple broken Xbox 360's.

fiercescuba3361d ago

Sending the Wii on Yoshi's back is better than the way MS deals with returns.

drunkpandas3361d ago

Haha. Nintendo asked if I wanted to take my Wii personally to their repair center since I'm only 1.5-2 hours away. Didn't feel like driving that far, so I used their shipping.

taz80803361d ago

Yeah drive it in to their Emergency Room where they have doctors dressed up like Mario. LOL

vudu3361d ago

When mine broke (laser got stuck) I took it to Nintendo. Only took about 20 minutes to fix plus my warranty was extended like it was a day 1 purchase. The lobby was like a miniature Nintendo museum. Every console made was in a glass display case.

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dragunrising3361d ago

Sounds like excellent service to me. Makes me less worried about my Wii dying. Does anyone know if Nintendo made any GPU or CPU revisions? The PS3 and 360 both have smaller chips now, so I thought the Wii would follow suit. Aside from cost reduction on their part it would make the Wii even more energy efficient.

Just a thought but I feel like n4g should have more Wii related articles. With Madworld and Conduit right around the corner I feel like people should be fired up about the Wii...and since everyone seems to have one. I figure (late) last year was a complete bust software wise however the Wii might be able to redeem itself. Good thing VirtuaConsole keep pumping out nostalgia...

taz80803361d ago

More Wii articles would be good, there is a ton of ofcus on the 360, then the PS3 and lastly the Wii, but then again the Wii sells like hotcakes, so Nintendo dont care much.

greyishfox3361d ago

A lot of my friends with Wii have been whining about lack of titles for it. I listed 4 off the top of my head and they have started to see that it's not just a bookend or paperweight.
Madworld, Conduit, No More Heros 2, Dead Rising, Resident Evil. Lots of potential coming up.

dubbalubagis3360d ago

I can't wait for Madworld. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

3360d ago