Xbox 360, 8 Million Consoles Sold To Date In Europe

Reporting its happiest Christmas yet, with console sales almost double last year's.

Press Release:

Xbox today revealed sales data showing Christmas 2008 was the biggest sales period ever in the brand's six-year European history, with sales of Xbox 360 almost double those of Christmas 2007[1].

Eight million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa up to the end of 2008, widening its lead over PlayStation 3 in the region to more than one million and setting the scene for further growth in 2009.

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Danja3426d ago

could have sworn a M$ PR dud said they were at 9 an article..

bomboclaat_gamer3426d ago

whats it to u? go back to living ur life

Danja3426d ago

it's nuttin to me dude..was just saying ..thought I had read it had passed 9 mill...

lol...lost a bubble 4 saying that..

DavidMacDougall3426d ago

The guys just thinking out loud whats with the hate?

edhe3426d ago

Yes, i regularly 'think' by loading up my pc, going to a website and clicking on an article of flameworthy interest, then using my dextrous fingers to 'think' out a comment instead of just being a pain.

Nobody in MS would've said 9m if they've just release a press release of 8m, worth a reporting of spam methinks.

mint royale3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

'were ahead of our nearest rival'.

Yes MS but what about your other rival that is about 20 million ahead of you.

EDIT: Yes its strange how everyone in 2006, including MS and Sony, seemed to think the wii counted. Oh well, jealousy and all that.

ChampIDC3426d ago

Oh come on, we all know the Wii doesn't count.


evrfighter3426d ago

@champ looks like the sarcasm just whooooosed by someones head =\.

The Killer3426d ago

with all the price cuts!! i think they should be so proud of those numbers!

bubble me if u agree.

eagle213426d ago

Meh. Someone break it down, 25m my butt. JP sales at 700k. So don't tell me 360 has outsold wii in america. MS = lies.

callahan093426d ago

Article says 8 million in Europe, Middle East, and Africa combined. Not just Europe. It says that's 1 million more than PS3. Well, the 7 million they're saying the PS3 sold, does that also include Middle East & Africa in their "Europe" figures the way Microsoft does? I don't believe it does. Also, everybody should remember that the PS3 has been on the market since March 2007 in Europe, whereas the 360 has been on the market since November 2005. That's a pretty significant time lead the 360 had, at a significantly lower price, and it's only barely beating it, and only when you count Europe, Middle, and Africa combined to quote the figure for units sold "in Europe."

mint royale3426d ago

before 2008 the 360 had been the oldest console ever not to get a pricecut (apart from now the wii). The complaints december 2007 in Europe were in fact too expensive and why will they never get a price cut. And now Ms are being flamed for finally giving price cuts in 2008?

@callahan - sony doesn't seem to give european figures (could be wrong but I haven't seen any). They give pal figures which cover places such as Australia in addition to the places MS is giving figures. I think they said they were at 9 million in Pal. Anyway, if this article is not true then we should expect a response from sony stating as much shouldn't we?

callahan093426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I feed on these disagrees. It's amazing how reasonable and accurate a comment you can make on this site and still have people disagreeing. Most of my comment was fact, as in *inarguable* and yet I walk away with 3 disagrees and 0 agrees (so far)?

Here's the real deal, as far as European sales of the two consoles goes:

8 million 360's @ a lower price in 38 months = 210,000 per month
7 million PS3's @ a higher price in 22 months = 318,000 per month

The PS3 has clearly sold at a much faster rate, and again, at a higher price. What more can you want from them? No console that launched in the price range the PS3 launched has ever come anywhere near this level of success.

My point is that the PS3's doing great, and that 360 people should quit bragging like they've won something by a landslide.

callahan093426d ago

You people who disagree, why don't you come out of the woodworks and tell me what you disagree with. How am I wrong? I presented the facts, if you are unimpressed by them, explain your reasoning.

prowiew3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


Chill out with the disagrees. Why take that so serious man. Chill.
I dont disagree with you but everyone has an opinion, even if its a fact. And of course, who knows if those numbers are facts.

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ToastyMcNibbles3426d ago

xbox 360 doing work! congrats

wotta3426d ago

and only one million consoles ahead, seems like both consoles are doing ok to me.

Terabo3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

But the 360 is growing, the ps3 is flopping.

Anon19743426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

At 2 years the PS3 moved 17 million consoles. At 2 years the 360 had only moved 13 million. Were you on these forums saying the 360 was "flopping" last year when the 360 hit 13 million? If you weren't you're kinda being hypocritical.

guiltyspark3426d ago

ps3 is still dead last and the 360 is demolishing it in both software and harware sales on a monthly basis

playstation 3 is on lock for 3rd place this generation

Bladestar3426d ago

Now back to that cheap argument? "a year ahead of PS3"... if one considers the fact that the Playstation have more than a decade of brand loyalty.. it does not matter when the xbox 360 came out in comparison...

Prior to this announcement... you were happy the PS3 (based on your erroneous sources that you can produce a link) was beating the xbox 360 in Europe...

now it seem like Japan is the only place where Playstation is beating the xbox 360 in terms of sales... for obvious reasons...

militant073426d ago

that dosnt work anymore. saying that donsnt change the fact.
also the ps3 take over the lead in middel of 2008 and now microsoft taking it back with lead over 1milion console.

Anon19743426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

There isn't a prize at the end of all this. Sony computer entertainment brings in far more in revenue than Microsoft or Nintendo, despite currently being 3rd place in a race they started a year later than MS. The 360 and the PS3 have sold neck and neck for some time now, and the PS3 is selling faster than the 360 ever did. Doesn't that give you at least the slightest bit of pause before you make claims like "PS3 has a lock on 3rd"?

I mean, I'm not trying to be a fanboy here but the PS3 has only been on the market for 2 years and it's selling way better than the 360 ever did. Why do so many 360 fans (of which I count myself among) choose to ignore that fact? For me it makes me wonder what Microsoft is doing wrong. Why aren't they selling far more, especially considering they're the cheapest console on the market? Why are they consistently missing their ship targets? Why were sales in the US down for the entire year before the price cut? Forgot all the chest thumping and PR spin. What's the problem?

TheTwelve3426d ago

Don't play yourself Bladestar. You are referring to a brand loyalty that you yourself don't believe in, and now you are using it as an argument to support the 360? Spare me.

They got a one year headstart and this is it?

Just imagine if the roles were reversed. Only the most blind of fanboys would think the 360 would be doing as well.


Halochampian3426d ago

How do you figure that sony makes more revenue??


Dont kid yourself that there isn't brand loyalty with sony.

Anon19743426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Halochampian asked "How do you figure that sony makes more revenue??"

Because I went to their investor relations sites, looked at their games division sections in their fiscal updates and saw that Sony brings in more revenue. Anyone can do it. Isn't the internet great?!

Edit: Actually, I'm the ass. I had a look and Nintendo (I hadn't checked for sometime and I wanted to make sure I wasn't wrong. Too late) had managed to squeak ahead in revenue vs Sony's games division as of fiscal 2008 year end. I'm not sure what they're at now but I imagine it's still pretty close. MS games division is still a ways back in 3rd.

TheTwelve3426d ago

Oh there is brand loyalty. That's the reason why the PS3 is doing so well. Again, if the roles were reversed, everyone knows that the 360 would have sold MAYBE 3 million by now. I mean, let's be real.

I just find it funny how PS3 haters are suddenly now spouting about the greatness of the PS3 brand...spare me with the hypocrisy and false stands.


edhe3426d ago

The success story here is that MS are breaking down the brand loyalty barriers that europe holds for the playstation.

Which is a good thing, don't want people shackled to a single system.

Halochampian3426d ago

see. I was thinking Nintendo had that.

@the Twelve

all of a sudden I am a sony hater? *looks at ps1 and ps2, and empty space for ps3 on shelf*

Brand loyalty has nothing to do with the ps3. It has to deal with the ps1 and ps2 which were AMAZING systems. That creates brand loyalty and trust me, many people have it because of how amazing the ps2 was.

mint royale3426d ago

nintendo is the king. And anyway revenue is not the really important figure. It is profits that determine a successful console and this is why financially the ps3 and 360 are failures. Nintendo is raking in the money but sony and MS. I could post figures showing MS's huge losses and sony's huge losses since 2006 which have wiped out all the profits made from the ps2 if you wish.

TheTwelve3426d ago

Halo---If the comment doesn't refer to you, don't put the shoes on.

Oh man, I really can't wait until we see the numbers in a couple of years. So funny how much of a big deal people make with the consoles when it's so early.

Still the fact remains---the 360's headstart is currently their only relevant advantage atm.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

360 is ahead in EU, and stomping the PS3 in the US. Thats two of the three major gaming markets with the 360 over the PS3, and the PS3 is in a decline.

Sarcasm3426d ago

Everyone always forgets the 1 year head start in the U.S, and the 1 year 6 month head start in Europe. ONE YEAR AND SIX MONTHS. That's a long time. And Europe didn't even get their Gran Turismo 5 yet.

Anon19743426d ago

mint royale said "I could post figures showing MS's huge losses and sony's huge losses since 2006 which have wiped out all the profits made from the ps2 if you wish."

Please do! I'd love to see your figures of how the PS3 has wiped out 9 years worth of Sony game's divisions profits. Let me sit back and get a cola.

solidt123426d ago

Congrats to Microsoft, but I see this story flip flopping after 2009.

mint royale3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

my original source when I posted before was up to 2000 but i've found the 2 previous years. 1998 was the first year sony gave out numbers for its gaming division separately.

FY* Sony**
1998 974,000,000
1999 1,130,000,000
2000 730,000,000
2001 -409,000,000
2002 623,000,000
2003 939,000,000
2004 650,000,000
2005 404,000,000
2006 75,000,000
2007 -1,969,000,000
2008 -1,265,000,000
2009 51,000,000
Totals 1,953,000,000

The last quarter is missing, which has Sony losing a further $400 million. A you can see it has eaten up the profits of the ps2. Don't forget 2007 and 2008 would be worse without the ps2 and psp being profitable. So the ps3 has been a significant drain on resources. Since 2000 their gaming division has made a loss! The ps2 profits are gone.

Nintendo's since 1998:
1998: 629,000,000
1999: 645,000,000
2000: 421,000,000
2001: 726,000,000
2002: 800,000,000
2003: 560,000,000
2004: 316,000,000
2005: 777,000,000
2006: 894,000,000
2007: 1,489,000,000
2008: 2,480,000,000
2009: 1,026,000,000

By far the most profitable company.

Here is MS results and you gotta wonder why the hell they entered the industry:
2002: -750,000,000
2003: -1,191,000,000
2004: -1,215,000,000
2005: -485,000,000
2006: -1,262,000,000
2007: -1,892,000,000
2008: 426,000,000

Anon19743426d ago

My hat's off to you. Nice bit of research. So few actually take the time to do any type of fact finding.

I had no doubt that the 3 billion Sony posted for R&D and pricing of the PS3 would bite into their revenues, but I knew that it didn't erase the money made off the PS2, and I thought that was the argument you were trying to make.

Looking at those numbers for Microsoft you get a better understanding why financial experts are calling for Microsoft to focus on software again and leave the hardware behind them just like it was WebTV, and you can be sure MS is having some serious discussions in their backrooms about what kind of shape the next gen should take. I think they have too much invested in the Xbox brand at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised if they go the Wii route and make a cheaper console like they've been hinting at.

mint royale3426d ago

Looking at the Microsoft numbers I have to come to the conclusion that profitability isn't their primary aim. If it is they have failed. But these results give alot more weight to the argument they entered the industry to stop sony's advance in the living room.

As for Sony it is clear their financials have gone downhill since the ps3 and no one can argue this. They probably expected to take losses but not on this scale. Everything made in the ps2 years has been eaten up in recent years.

I think Nintendo has by far the best business model. Even during the gamecube years they were posting profits not far away from the ps2's and now with the wii they have hit the jackpot with a popular, profitable console.

Anon19743426d ago

I know Nintendo has a great profit model and that's what worries me. When Microsoft says they're eyeing a cheaper console, like a Wii, I cringe. I'm a technology guy, always have been since I got my first Vic-20. I love new consoles and what they can do, which I think is why I was disappointed in the Wii. It was fun, good for Nintendo for trying new things and there's no doubt they print money - but I want my console to push the tech more. The idea that the next Xbox would be underpowered in an effort to save money and mimic the Wii's success disappoints me. I loved my Xbox and 360. I don't think anyone but the bean counters wants to see another Wii.

kewlkat0073426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Sony has had a whole 7 year jump on MS

Playstation 1(I think it was called).

You see people complaining about "Sony's Brand name" and "Prior 120 million sale" install-base? You think that have not helped Sony sell it's to be,successor consoles? PS2/3?

Who do you think, has had the best jumpstart?

MS is only on it's second gen and some are complaining about a 1 Year lead. MS's console is going against a 3rd-Generation console, which is a pretty damn good piece of hardware at that. I guess the 3rd times a charm Sony.

HateFanboys3426d ago

What are you stupid or something? the Xbox brand has been out for 7+ years you retard! So stfu with that weak @ss bullsh!t, you facking fanboy! After all these years of both being in the consoles business all MS has to show for it is 400+ million dollars, while Sony has almost 2 billion, and Sony actually profitted last year. So fack off with your stupid sh!t. Sick of fanboys always twisting sh!t, now its all about "brand loyalty"? You people are incredible. What brand loyalty? there is no loyalty (at least not one that lasts forever). The 360 is not doing as great as everybody says it is, its really just doing parity more or less with Sony. All you fanboys wanna talk about how the 360 is doing so good because of the progress its made against Sony. But look at Nintendo, they were last, last-gen, and they are kicking everybodies @ss combined. Thats the true success story not MS.

kewlkat0073426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I know you could do better than that...take a chill pill, lil fella.

HateFanboys3426d ago

Ok, why you got any? lol. And p.s. im a "big fella", a very big fella.

Halochampian3426d ago

You are really wrong with your paragraph of hate up there. For someone who hate Fanboys, you seem to only one side of the fanboys wars.

Nintendo was NOT last last gen. The Xbox was in the last by a long shot.

Brand loyalty is real and I know many people the buy Playstation 3 because they loved the Playstation 2. Its Brand loyalty. Sony has a little over 13 years with the Playstation name. The xbox has 7 and really only 3 considering how much of a failure the original xbox was.

Sony did not make profits last year. taken from mint royal: "2008 -1,265,000,000"

If you think throwing out profanity makes you seem more creditable, it doesn't. It isn't needed.

HateFanboys3423d ago

It's champion btw, but anyway

1.) First of all, i didnt say which fanboys i hate, just that i hate fanboys, so you assumed wrong, and
2.) Please dont act like you're not a fanboy, while its true that you are no where near a rabbid fanboy like most of these 360 fanboys, you still are a fanboy, cuz its obvious you like the 360 better.

And Nintendo did come in last place last gen, not MS.

And i know that brand loyalty is real, but its not nearly as real or strong as the 360 fanboys (or even the PS3 fanboys) make it out to be. If brand loyalty was as strong as people think it is, then it would be helping the PS3 much more than it is right now. And its not.

"Sony did not make profits last year. taken from mint royal: "2008 -1,265,000,000""
Go back and take a good look at it again (hint FY 2009)

"If you think throwing out profanity makes you seem more creditable, it doesn't. It isn't needed."
You think that i say profanities for credibility? No, I say profanities because i facking feel like it, because i wanna express exactly how i feel

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Capt CHAOS3426d ago

It's a great console and good value for money. Games are fab, using it as a media center piece is good and easy and the xbox live stuff is great. I think the price drop had a big part to play towards the end of 2008..

Danja3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

yeh it's a great console....despite the obvious flaws.

@Below : seriously yes I prefer my PS3...but I do play 360 games also..i've stated that in alot my's a great has a few flaws...

and I dont have time to sit and hate..about the 360 doing fine....360 doing great pushes Sony to be better and vice versa for Microsoft....get a grip man..I stated nothing biased in my short comment

plenty a tool3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

makes me think that it hurts you personally to see the 360 doing well!

jock: please point me to any swipes i've made at the ps3, and heavenly praise directed towards the 360. many thanks

Jock3426d ago

atleast the guy said something positive about the 360....

where as I see you going around this post being all 360 fanboyish at ne one who doesn't seem to praising M$

guiltyspark3426d ago

lol , 360 has pretty much secured second place this generation

Vip3r3426d ago

Japan is Sony's homeland. Europe is Sonys home away from home. ;)

guiltyspark3426d ago

Its not selling well in japan either

The ps3 is flopping world wide

Danja3426d ago

which is why the PS3 has sold 20 million in 2 years

while it took the 360 almost 3 years to get to the 20 million mark...

Halochampian3426d ago

the ps3 is defiantly not flopping but it certainly is not doing as well as the 360 and wii.

The whole 20 million doesnt mean much. What means more is the margin. The Margin between 360 and the ps3 is growing.

Death3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

The Xbox 360 sold 25 million it's first 3 years.

After 2 years and 1 month the Xbox 360 was at 17.7 million worldwide.

I'm still not sure why people guesstimate these numbers when they have been released by Microsoft.

Sony sold 16.84 million after 2 years. Atleast that's what Sony says. If you include Decembers sales they should be just over 18 million worldwide. We will know for sure when the numbers are released.

Both systems performed about the same for their first 25 months on the market. Sure, the PS3 launched higher, but they also came into this gen with over 140 million loyal customers that spanned two console generations over a decade. I would like to think that counts for something.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3426d ago

The PS3 is not at 20 million Danja, stop with the lies.

mint royale3426d ago

And thank you for bringing facts into this. However expect those facts to be ignored though. The 2 consoles are selling fine - at least their doing better than the finances of their game divisions!

ambientFLIER3426d ago

That's because the PS3 was drawing on the PS2 install base of more than 100 million. The 360 was selling to the original xbox install base, which is only 25 million. THAT'S why the PS3 sold more in 2 years than the 360. Simply because of brand loyalty and upgrades from the ps2.

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