Why Sony is Playing the Pusher, and Why It Needs to Stop

Ravi Sinha writes: "The SixAxis controls on the PS3 were brought back into focus for me while discussing Mirror's Edge with another gamer, and anyone who's tried to actually play a level using that god-forsaken system, knows what an exercise in self-debasement that is. It only complicated things and the question was asked: If you're going to include a control scheme that (a) Is not the least bit of fun to use, or (b) Will doubtlessly be toggled off in favour of a better one, why include it at all? Why not focus on making the game itself better, maybe some more exclusive content or some extra sheen?

"There are 'bashings' and then there are hard truths. If Sony wants to succeed, it should take half-baked efforts like the SixAxis to task."

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DavidMacDougall3481d ago

Must have nothing better to write about

Capt CHAOS3481d ago

Because six axis is being bashed?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3481d ago

Yes. Bashing sixaxis? Really?

"When all else fails bash sony"

That seems to be the motto of journalists nowadays. And not just gaming journalists.

And its not even like you can blame sony for bad sixaxis controls. That would be the developers fault seeing as how it worked well with folklore and ratchet.

Maybe if this guy had some actual good reasoning I'd take it seriously. But it's pretty obvious this guy is just running out of good topics to write about.

Tony P3481d ago

Eh. I only used it once; it wasn't great. But that's hardly news. And I can't believe mandatory trophies will rank up there with Sony's bad decisions.

"When all else fails bash sony"

True. Still, they don't get taken to task as much as MS these days.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3481d ago


You serious about that MS bashing stuff? I haven't seen much news bashing Microsoft in long time. What sites do you go to?

Milky Joe3481d ago

When sixaxis is done well, it really adds to the experience. It was cool in uncharted for balancing and the minigames in RnC, like hacking the terminal things, were pretty fun as well.

Besides which, I somehow doubt that when the decision to put sixaxis support into a game is made, the devs then have to cross something off their list of wanted features.

"Why not focus on making the game itself better, maybe some more exclusive content or some extra sheen?"

But no, without sixaxis support, DICE would've DEFNITELY been able to include another 10 HOURS of game in Mirror's Edge, damn you sixaxis holding everyone back!!! /sarc

morganfell3481d ago

Instead of getting on Sony's back they should be on the backs of these developers and publishers that insist on making everything else in the game the same on both platforms.

They should consider jumping on Rockstar for cutting the PS3 version of GTA4 because of the DVD9 version. They should get on these companies for not availing themselves of the PS3s ability to handle a greater number of players in MP. And those are just for starters.

He is blaming Sony for the PS3 not getting additional material when Sony had nothing to do with the Sixaxis decision.

va_bank3481d ago

420 hours of playing Warhawk with SixAxxis. Wouldn't play it any other way. The game experience is totally different, once analog sticks are freed up to do other stuff.

Kushan3481d ago

Where the hell did you pull THAT random little factoid from? The biggest limiting factor for the amount of people in a MP game is the connection itself, you can get around it by using really good netcode, but the fact remains that the limiting factor is bandwidth, not processing power. Even PC games tend to limit the maximum number of players in MP for the same reason - because larger matches are going to be laggy as hell unless everyone's on a really good connection.

I think you're grasping at straws there, GTA4 wasn't limited in any way because of the 360 or DVD9.

va_bank3481d ago

Warhawk - 32 players with no lag (official servers)
Resistance 2 - 60 players, no lag.

Name a game on another console that has this.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3481d ago

"GTA4 wasn't limited in any way because of the 360 or DVD9."

This is where i disagree with you as rockstar actually did say that the disk limit of dvd9 did have an affect on development. Heck anyone who played the game can see they took out a lot of things that were in previous gta games. For 1 the map size is much smaller than it was in San Andreas. I do believe there was an article on this site to back up me up on that. I'll pm it to ya if you want.

Kushan3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Frontlines: Fuels of War is 50 and that's just off the top of my head.
Trust me, it depends on the game (what kind of game it is, how it's designed, how good the netcode is, etc.), not the console. FFS, you can play 64 player Doom, so does that mean my 10 year old PC is as good as the PS3? No.

EDIT: Yeah Rockstar did apparently say that, then two days later revoked it and stated that it was taken out of context. They said in several articles that they wanted GTA4 to have more stuff condensed in it than previous GTA games. One of the problems with San Andreas was that it had a huge map with large spaces in it - at least in GTAIV, pretty much every part of the map has stuff to do in it.

jadenkorri3481d ago

there running out of things to bash, cmon, you can do sure theirs an article about ps3 failing, cmon you 360 fanboys, do your job, what you getting lazy now, get off your lazy a$$, we want more failing articles so we can laugh at you...

va_bank3481d ago

1. That's why I mention lag. Fuels of war IS LAGGY. Big time. I can make a 200 player game, it won't mean sh!t if it's unplayable.

2. Leave your PC out of it. I said "consoles" for a reason. PSN and Xbox live are private networks and have larger bandwidth overhead in order to provide additional security and/or proprietary comm. protocols. Because of that, it's easier to have a PC game support more players. The downside of PC - more possibilities for cheating.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3481d ago

Wasn't ff:fow a 32mp game on 360 and a 64mp game on pc?

Kushan3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

"Leave your PC out of it. I said "consoles" for a reason. PSN and Xbox live are private networks and have larger bandwidth overhead in order to provide additional security and/or proprietary comm. protocols. Because of that, it's easier to have a PC game support more players."

Cool! Another Random fact pulled out of thin air! XBL and PSN all run on the same network that PC games run on - the internet. You're pretty much telling me that both Sony and Microsoft installed separate Fibre to every home in the country to operate a truly separate network, which as you know is complete rubbish. Proprietary Comm. Protocols? No, they both use TCP and UDP, the same protocols PC games use. Extra Security? How exactly does that add to the bandwidth? Encryption, maybe? That just changes what is actually sent, not how much is sent. You don't have even a simple grasp of how networking infrastructures work, you just assumed that because they're consoles, they're different and made some "facts" up to back up your claim, which is somehow that the PS3 is simply "better" than the 360, when they're actually on par when it comes to this stuff.

Going by your logic, PSN must be less secure because it's "Private network" has more bandwidth than XBL, which must mean less security, which also does not make any sense.

EDIT: F:FOW was definitely 50 players on the 360, as stated here:

Interestingly, that article states that it was the first "next gen" console game to have so many players at once, but didn't Warhawk come out way before that?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3481d ago

Oh was definately 64 for pc. 360 version was 16 via live and 50 if you use xbox live dedicated servers w/e that means. Yea, thats what it was. And yea warhawk did come on before that but it only had 32mp online i believe.

Kushan3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Live works on a P2P system. Usually, when you play a game on live, the person hosting it is actually one of the other players (PSN can work in the same way, of course). This is the 16 player limit it's referring to, since most people don't have a connection at home with a fast enough upload to handle any more (And to be honest, 16 is pushing it for most people).
This is why most console games have about a 16 or 32 player limit in Multiplayer.

"Live dedicated servers" are literally servers that are dedicated to hosting the game on a nice fat pipe that CAN support lots of players, just in the same way that Warhawk's "official" servers can host up to 64 people now. Eventually these servers will shut down and/or all that will be left are community hosted ones.

This is the real reason GTAIV doesn't support more people online - it would mean Rockstar would have to pay for dedicated servers, whereas this way they can just let the P2P system handle it all. Nothing to do with the consoles, just the companies behind the games.

SL1M DADDY3481d ago

Offered to devs by Sony and if they so choose to use it, blame them for the outcome. If I give you a screw driver and you try and hammer in a nail with it, the outcome is not my fault, it is yours. If the devs don't know how to use or utilize SIXAXIS, that is the devs fault. Sony has simply given them the option. Better more than less and Sony including motion controls to their controller is not all bad when used the right way.

Tony P3481d ago

"You serious about that MS bashing stuff? I haven't seen much news bashing Microsoft in long time. What sites do you go to?"

Heck yeah. I don't play favourites so it's w/e to me, but MS can't make a decision without journalism comparing it unfavourably to Apple. Windows 7 will be the next big "failure" if it isn't perfect. PCWorld is a good source for that kind of reporting.

On the gaming side, I think it's the opposite. It amazes me that 360 gets the lions share of positive press despite persistent RROD, despite shutting down Ensemble, etc. while Sony gets doom and gloom over the smallest things. But if you asked me which company I think gets the most negative press overall, it's definitely MS. Vista. The bad Yahoo! deal. IE slipping in market share. And user response is always something akin to a vindicated "take that, M$!"

ThatCanadianGuy3481d ago

I'm sorry but i can't take anyone wearing a KFC bucket on their head seriously.I just can't do it..

Kushan3480d ago

That's good, because far too many people on this site take things waaaay too seriously.
Games are supposed to be fun, not serious.

Enigma_20993480d ago

You get a bubble, and a saucer of milk to go with this cookie. You may om nom nom now...

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xg-ei8ht3481d ago

I must be the only one who likes it.

And if you don't like it, turn it off.

But the argument of six-axis controls slowing down development of the game is comical. or that instead there should have been extra content. is just plain silly.

Cajun Chicken3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I like it too, its great in Warhawk and Flow, it doesn't have to be used all the time, I see it like the clicking down of the anologue sticks in Ape Escape, hardly anyone else uses L3 and R3 that often, but its nice for it to be there.

Besides, Insomniac nailed the use of it in Ratchet and Clank Future.

Danja3481d ago

Virtual Bowling uses the six-axis brilliantly..

Folklore did that also

UltimateIdiot9113481d ago

You're not alone, I too love the six-axis especially on WipeOut HD.

Elimin83481d ago

Worked quite well with the Sixaxis, well at least to me it did cause I enjoyed it.

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SuPa-MaRiO3481d ago

Dude Leave Ps3 Alone Its A Good System SonY Is Going 2 Cook Up All That FanboY Talk This YeaR I BeT U Killzone 2 Will Be The first Step And People that bash on it Dont have A life FanboyS Mess Up The Industry So Bad I work At Gamestop so i know

HDgamer3481d ago

He has to bash a controller he doesn't like but others don't really care as much.

Fishy Fingers3481d ago

A rant about sixaxis? LOL... it's 2007 all over again...

Danja3481d ago

aslong as developers makes the six-axis optional in fine by me...

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