Capcom announces Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 UK release dates writes: "Something to look forward to for British gamers BEFORE the summer!

You've all been waiting with baited breath, but Capcom has taken the covers off its triple-A first quarter lineup."

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rekonizakilla3483d ago

Should be a great game. Maybe not the best release date considering KZ2 comes out the following week .

N4g_null3483d ago

I think I'd rather play SF4 than killzone. I have quake wars and it's all I'm going to need FPS wise till crysis war head comes out. I'm not seeing a halo type of push with killzone 2. It may sell well but I don't think it will push as many systems as most people think.

Yet there are not a lot of fighter fans around any more also. So who knows. Capcom is putting down the hits though.