20 great games of 2009

There are many games that aren't on the list you're about to read, but we've pondered away and chosen 20 games that we think have the potential to be amongst those great titles over the coming year. There are a number of games that stand out amongst the crowd and will probably be in the running for game of the year come Christmas 2009, including some brand new IP's, such as Borderlands and L.A Noire, and also sequels to past franchises, including Bioshock 2 and God of War III.

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pansenbaer3514d ago

I stopped reading after the first page when I realized I would have to look at 10 pages to see all of them. Why the hell do sites do this?

Jager3514d ago


Killzone 2, Borderlands, SC2, Alan Wake, RE5, Uncharted 2, GT5, GoW3, MAG, Dragon Origons.... jesus christ, 09 is shaping up to be the new best year in gaming history :O