StockPlay - A Look at Video Game Stocks - Jan 5 writes "StockPlay is a weekly look into how video game shares have been performing on the market. Each week we'll take a look at a variety of hardware and console manufacturers, retailers, and game developers and how their stock price has fluctuated in the past week.

Last week's strong Friday saw that all of our video game shares were in the green, with the exception of Eidos who lost 8%, and Gamestop, who moved sideways. Ubisoft and THQ were the biggest winners and both gained over 20%, my guess is that they were driven by positive holiday sales numbers of Prince of Persia and Saints Row 2. Xbox 360 was crowned the most played console of the new generation of systems, a fact that I'm sure didn't hurt their doing the best out of the three console makers. Lets hope we have a couple more weeks like this, and work our way out of the hole that this recession has brought on!"

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