The Times questions casual's long-term future

The vast majority of gaming and business analysts are predicting good times for casual gaming in 2009 – but The Times columnist Caitlin Moran begs to differ.
In her latest column for TimesOnline, Moran questions the long-term appeal of casual gaming, saying that the main reason gaming has risen to such popularity is the escapism it offers – something that is hard for casual gaming to replicate.
The piece, which refers to a recent Guardian story about the rising popularity of casual gaming, reads: "The general tone seemed to be that this is all a very cheering and positive move towards the future. For too long, the piece insinuated, gaming has been the preserve of the slightly edgy; the fractionally underemployed; the nugatorily virginal and murderous. But now, finally, this is the beginning of games that Stephen Fry, Joan Bakewell, even Barack Obama could enjoy! Now let it be the time of lovely games for lovely people!

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