Pachter: Wii Two-Year Sales Soon To Beat PS2's

Gamasutra: "Life-to-date unit sales of Nintendo's Wii in its second year are now very near the life-to-date sales of Sony's PlayStation 2 at its two-year mark in 2002, says Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Through November 2008, the Wii has sold 15.4 units cumulatively, and Pachter says December hardware sales results will show that the pace of Wii sales has surpassed the PlayStation 2's."

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shadowghost7523266d ago

Patcher = tosser

Who agrees?

FreestyleBarnacle3266d ago

Ooh ooh! I do.
Plus, have you heard water is wet?

shadowghost7523266d ago

@ freestyle

water is what, my god that is unbelievable

FreestyleBarnacle3265d ago

I know! Who would have thought it. Unfortunately I now owe someone a fiver due to a poorly thought out bet.

PimpHandHappy3266d ago

looking at the numbers

Wii 45million
PS2 130million

If the Wii can keep up the pace it set this year for 3 more years it might just become the biggest selling system in history!


and all that without games!

Danja3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I can't see the Wii selling for another 6 years as good as it's selling now..but im sure the Wii will probably end up between 80 - 100 million....when it's all said on done ...depends on how long Nintendo can keep it viable and fresh to the public...

The PS2 is still selling millions every year so it's actually widening the Gap every year also..

and the PS2 hasn't even hit $99 yet...

TheExodus3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Interesting, but even more so when you consider that PS2 had a $100 price cut leading up to it's 2nd Christmas on the market while Wii continues to leap off retail shelves at it's launch price.

Spike473266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

appeal to the "casual gamer" as much.

The PS2 in my opinion was always seen as a gaming platform rather than another casual party gift.

Stereojet3266d ago

I wish Patcher would go to a retirement home already...and take his Wii retard system with him.

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