Kojima to make "Western" games

Metal Gear Solid house Kojima Productions is undergoing a thorough "structure, tools and staff" revamp so that it can further penetrate the Western market, Hideo Kojima himself has revealed.

Speaking in the latest Famitsu (via Develop) the MGS creator said that because of the restructuring at the developer, 2009 "is going to be a very important year" for Kojima Productions.

"We're currently reviewing everything in order to make Kojima Productions a team that can challenge foreign creators and software houses," he said.

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sinncross3396d ago

Nothing wrong with attempting to go head-to-head with Western developers at their own game, but it's a pity that Kojima does not seem to want to retain some Japanese-elements to his games.
Western and Japanese games feel different, it's actually what makes playing both so appealing, but hey, as long as he churns out good games I guess it doesn't matter as much.

FreestyleBarnacle3396d ago

I agree, the very best Japanese games have a lot more attention to detail for no obvious reason and "what the..?" moments. It's great when you see that in other games but it seems to be rarer in western titles as far as I can see.

solidt123396d ago

Im sure Kojima will keep some of the Eastern elements in his games that Westerners love.

meepmoopmeep3396d ago

craziness is neither East nor West

and Kojima is crazy-awesomesauce


Mainman3396d ago

Question to Kojima:
Why try to fix something that isn't broke???

BoBo333396d ago

That's what that idiot has been trying to do since 1987.

die_fiend3396d ago

Square said something similar to wanting to make FF13 less Japanese oriented. Both Kojima and them don't seem to realise that the reason I love their games (older games for Square atm) is because they're Japanese. We don't need more developers making boring fps just to cater for the Western audience, we need more Japanese influences as they're immense. The old Final Fantasy's, the Metal Gears, Zelda, Okami, DMC...all have a Japanese feel and that's what makes them special

Tony P3396d ago

If Kojima decides he wants to make a Halo killer, who says it won't be the most awesome, mind bending, random adventure ever? With boxes.

ChampIDC3396d ago

Don't forget urinating and crotch grabbing.

The Lazy One3385d ago

30 minute monologues that the author uses to spout on about things he's emopants are.

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RebornSpy3396d ago

but anything from Kojima will definitely be good, so whatever. I'm interested in what these changes might bring.

segasage3396d ago

can't ignore that console in the west..

happyface3396d ago


Mr. Kojima-san is basically saying ps triple isn't enough for them anymore, expect Wii and 360 games

if I was still a ps3 owner I'd be very sadface that one of the only good devs on the system is bailing out

riksweeney3396d ago

"Western games"

That'll be endless First Person Shooters and Racers then? I can see it now:

Metal Gear Solid Arena / Tournament

Metal Gear Solid Turbo Charged! (featuring DJ Atomica)

snakeater33396d ago

LOL nice one .....that dj atomica was a frikkin ear rape.

3396d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.