Mobiles take a great leap forward

Technology legend Gordon Moore may have been working at Intel when he thought up the law that bears his name, but it applies to any and every microprocessor.

Be the chip inside a PC, or mobile phone, the logic of Moore's Law dictates that they will get progressively more powerful thanks to the inexorable progress of the semiconductor industry.

This has led the PC through successive generations - 286, 386, 486, Pentium - and now mobile handsets are about to embark on a generational shift of their own.

More than 80% of the chips inside mobile phones are designed by UK firm Advanced Risc Machines (Arm) and the most versatile phones of 2008, such as Apple's iPhone 3G, have one or more Arm 11 processing cores onboard.

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Capt CHAOS3396d ago

Bring back the archimedes..

Anyway, the only way I think mobiles will really take a step forward would be if they took a step back to crash-proof software...