Gamasutra's Holiday Originals: What You Missed

Gamasutra: "Were you out of town for the holiday? Never fear, because Gamasutra is rounding up all the feature-length articles the site posted over the Xmas break, from Yuji Naka and Popcap interviews through Ratchet & Clank postmortems and in-depth design articles.

The site continued updating over the holiday, with near-daily features for those game professionals who were still working during that time.

So here's the full list of features run over the two weeks of the holiday season."

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Cajun Chicken3481d ago

Thats a brilliant Ratchet and Clank Future postmortem, excellent read, its good to hear that online and co-op were thought of during pre-production but not in the final product, which means all that work could still be used for R&CF2.
Also quite amazing how much work Insomniac put into expecially for the Groovitron.

Can't wait for the sequel, but Insomniac really should give theirselves longer for Resistance 3 and I'd love to see what they could do with a fully polished game with a common development schedule in this generation.