VideoGamer: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf First Look Preview

Indeed, the original The Witcher is widely regarded as one of the finest PC RPGs of the past few years - so console-owning fans of the genre can now celebrate the fact that they too will be getting a slice of the pie. Rise of the White Wolf is no simple port, but rather a full-blooded remake that retains the core story and quest structure while completely rebuilding things like the game's combat system and interface. It's a bold move on the part of the Polish developers, CD Projekt Red - but if it works, they'll have brought their adventure to a whole new audience.

What certainly won't be changing is the game's story. The Witcher is based upon the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, an author who subtly blends contemporary themes into his fantasy novels, alongside many references to Slavic mythology. The Witchers themselves are professional monster hunters, warriors who receive battle-training from an early age - alongside several mutating processes that alter their genetic make-up. As a result of these changes the Witchers are stronger, faster and more agile than normal humans; they are also completely sterile, so their numbers are comparatively limited.

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kittoo3424d ago

Buy and play this awesome game when it gets released on consoles. I played it on PC and it was one of the best RPG in years....