Pachter estimates Wii sales up 100% over Christmas - 360 will see a slight rise, PS3 a slight drop

Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has told that he expects Christmas sales for Nintendo Wii to be "up more than 100%" whereas he anticipates only a slight rise in 360 sales and a possible drop in PlayStation3 numbers.

Full thing through the link.

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Fishy Fingers3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Someone please help me see the point of this...

Today: Pachters rough estimates
Next Week: Pachters true estimates
Following week: Actual numbers

Why not just wait on official?

morriss3422d ago

Yes, let's remove all speculation, no matter if it's a top analyst speculating on the industry he represents.

Let's stop people talking about potential sports results too, and let's just wait for them to come in. Whilst we're at it, we can stop speculating on how the weather might be tomorrow, and just wait and see how it turns out?

Or, we could treat the information as speculation, and enjoy it for the conversation piece that it is.

Just an idea.

wii ftw3422d ago

he can be congratulated by everyone. Sad.

Fishy Fingers3422d ago

LOL... morriss, dude, I just wanted a simple answer, not a rant.

morriss3422d ago

heh. The question got the answer it truly deserved. :)

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ultimolu3422d ago

Patcher is as credible as an old shoe at this point.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3422d ago

Thats one way of doing it Pachter, state the obvious.