Planet Xbox 360: Rise of the Argonauts Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes:

"Greek mythology is a field of lore which game developers have foraged since Kid Icarus. It was no surprise when I found out that Jason and his Argonauts were going to appear in their own game. What did surprise me was that Codemasters was going to publish and Liquid Entertainment was going to develop. Skepticism welled up as I perused liquids recent outings, which consist of the Battle Realms RTS and, to my surprise, a Desperate Housewives PC game. Reminiscing of my days with God of War I put trust into Codemasters decision, hoping that Rise of the Argonauts (RoA) would deliver an excellent narrative to a wonderful story. Instead, they delivered an unpolished Action-Adventure containing a mediocre narrative hindered by little Action and no Adventure."

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